Green pass, forms and pads: all the rules for travel in Italy and Europe

Green pass, forms and pads: all the rules for travel in Italy and Europe
Green pass, forms and pads: all the rules for travel in Italy and Europe

Green pass, tampons, vaccination certificates: all the rules for traveling in Italy and abroad during the pandemic. From 1 July, the European digital green pass came into force, which allows you to move between EU countries (and some non-EU countries such as Norway and Iceland) without having to do swabs or quarantine periods. However, it is not the only necessary tool, let’s see in detail what to do in order to travel in times of Covid,

Do you need a buffer or a green pass for travel in Italy?

Green pass or buffer are only used to move to or from orange or red regions. Since Italy is all in the white zone, at the moment you can move without a test or certificate.

How does it work for travel abroad?

It all depends on the entry rules established by the country of destination. If you are not fully vaccinated you need a swab (molecular or antigenic), but pay attention to the timing: some countries accept tests carried out within 48 hours before arrival, others within 72 hours. The third alternative is to present the certificate of recovery for those who have had Covid-19.

Can anyone who received the green pass after the first dose go abroad?

The certificate allows only those who have been vaccinated with the double dose (for Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines) or one (Johnson & Johnson) for at least two weeks to circulate within the EU without tests or quarantines. So the QR code of the first dose is not valid abroad and it is necessary to undergo the swab.

Can anyone who received the green pass after the second dose go abroad?

Yes, although locally the rules may change given the evolution of the pandemic. Many countries require you to fill in a declaration that contains all personal data and also any movements.

Are those who are immunized subjected to checks on arrival in the foreign country?

It depends on the destination, for example in Greece the application of a rapid test according to a targeted sampling system is foreseen.

What should those returning to Italy do?

You need to create a profile and send the data through the “Passenger locator form” which will then create a QR code. This is not necessary if you travel abroad for less than 48 hours, but within a radius of 60 kilometers from your home and by private vehicle.

What should someone traveling abroad with their children do?

Again, the rules vary from country to country. In Spain, children under the age of 12 are exempted from testing and quarantine. In France this applies to children under 11, while in Malta those under the age of 5 are exempt.

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