Covid, the red zone is back in all white Sicily –

Covid, the red zone is back in all white Sicily –
Covid, the red zone is back in all white Sicily –

Not even time to celebrate for Sicily all in the white zone, with the end of the last two red mini-zones, Santa Caterina Villarmosa, in the Nisseno, and Valguarnera Caropepe, in the province of Enna, and here comes the order of the president of the Region which tinges the town of Mazarin red. The center of the province of Caltanissetta, in the heart of the island, remains the only red dot in an all-white island based on the provision issued Thursday by the governor Nello Musumeci.


And all the limitations we had left behind are triggered, with, among other things, the ban on leaving the house except for proven reasons. Stop to gatherings and ceremonies, in short, we go back in time to this town halfway between Caltanissetta and Gela, 12 thousand inhabitants, who have to savor the bitter taste of the lockdown. “We have had a peak of infections in the last week and according to the legislation the red zone has been triggered”, comments the mayor of Mazzarino Enzo Marino, who is a doctor. There were 75 infected out of 12,000 inhabitants, five hospitalized with respiratory problems. “There is a situation that we did not expect, in early June we had become covid free,” says the mayor, who has his own idea of ​​why so many positive cases are re-emerging. “I think the reopening of ceremonies, entertainments, family events may have had a weight. Perhaps many have undergone the swab to be able to participate and this has raised the numbers ».


Marino defines the situation as “still evolving”. And if the red zone decreed by the Region starts today, he has already issued ordinances to limit movement in the village since yesterday, prohibiting parking in the city streets. His fellow villagers did not take it well. “People are tired, they complain a lot even to my person, I’m the scapegoat for everything. I understand that there are events that have already been planned, like weddings, and they will have to skip. It is a difficult situation to manage. And there is a lot of tiredness ». There were fewer people out on the streets yesterday. Meanwhile, the commitment to vaccination continues. “We also have a point in our city, with 400 inoculated doses per week,” says the mayor. But in Sicily there is a problem of delay in vaccination of the over 60s. The island is lagging behind on this figure: 23.8 percent of over 60s did not even receive the first dose, a record average compared to 13.3 percent national according to data from the Gimbe foundation. And to overcome the problem, the Region is gearing up to increase home administration.

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