Covid today Lombardy and Italy, coronavirus bulletin of 3 July: 932 cases and 22 deaths

Covid today Lombardy and Italy, coronavirus bulletin of 3 July: 932 cases and 22 deaths
Covid today Lombardy and Italy, coronavirus bulletin of 3 July: 932 cases and 22 deaths

There are 932 new cases in the last 24 hours, against 794 yesterday while the deaths are 22 (yesterday 28), for a total of 127,637 victims since the beginning of the epidemic. There are 228,127 molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus carried out in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 199,238. The positivity rate is stable at 0.4%.

The Delta variant meanwhile is the new source of concern of this phase of the coronavirus pandemic. After the evident progress achieved in the countries that have managed to carry out the vaccination campaign, the Delta variant, first identified in India and deemed more transmissible and virulent than the previous Alpha variant (seen for the first time in the UK), is threatening the whole world. And due to the spread of the Delta variant, the number of coronavirus infections has increased in several African countries in the past six weeks, according to AFP. The figure regarding deaths is also increasing by 15% in 38 countries of the African continent, about 3,000 deaths. “The speed and size of the third wave in Africa is not similar to what we have seen before,” said WHO regional director for Africa Matshidiso Moeti. South Africa is the most affected country in the area and yesterday recorded a new record of cases, 24 thousand in 24 hours.

The deepening

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There are 932 new Covid cases in Italy in the last 24 hours, against 794 yesterday and above all 838 on last Saturday, confirming that the decline that had been constant for 15 weeks is starting to reverse the trend. There are 228,127 swabs, 19,000 more than yesterday, and the positivity rate remains stable at 0.4%. The deaths are 22 (yesterday 28), for a total of 127,637 victims since the beginning of the epidemic. Hospitalizations are still decreasing, with intensive care which are 9 fewer (yesterday -16) with just two admissions of the day, never so few in 2021 (both in Campania) and 204. Ordinary hospitalizations are 75 fewer (yesterday -63), 1,394 in all. The region with the most cases today is Lombardy with 140 new positives; followed by Campania (+139), Sicily (+134), Lazio (+85), Veneto (+66) and Emilia Romagna (+65). The total cases thus rise to 4,262,511. The healed are 3,110 (yesterday 2,345), for a total of 4,089,298 since the beginning of the pandemic. The currently positives decrease by 2,203 units (yesterday 1,579 units), and drop to 45,576 in all, of which 43,978 in home isolation. The cases in Italy since the beginning of the epidemic are 4,262,511 and the deaths 127,637.


In Alzano Lombardo, the deaths in 2020 were 239 against 123 in 2019: the cost of the pandemic in the country of 13 thousand souls was over a hundred more deaths last year. In Nembro, only from 23 February to 30 April 188 inhabitants died, 50% more than in 2019 and, according to Istat data, only in the first 21 days of March there were 1000% more deaths than to 2019: from 11 to 121 people. In Albino the deceased in 2020 were 292 against 182 in 2019, 150 in March alone. The goal of zero deaths in Lombardy, after nine months, makes you breathe but does not allay fears. “Covid19 was a shock and there is a great desire to resume life as always, but after what we experienced that fear, that worm is still there”, confesses the mayor of Albino, Fabio Terzi.

The regions

Here is a summary of the situation in Italy region by region: in Basilicata 11 the new infections and no deaths are recorded as in Piedmont where, however, the new cases are 35, in Friuli Venezia Giulia with positive 10 and Sicily with 134. Nelle There are 32 brands the coronavirus positives detected in the Marche in 24 hours: in particular 22 in the province of Ascoli Piceno in which an “outbreak” was found. THE Tuscany and 3 deaths and 50 positive for a rate, compared to swabs, of 0.31% (1.2% on first diagnoses). In Veneto a death and 66 cases of contagion while in Puglia I’m 66. On the other hand, 2,837 are currently positive for Covid-19 in Lazio, of which 155 hospitalized, 40 in intensive care and 2,642 in home isolation. In Umbria the shelters are still falling. Today there are ten, three less than yesterday, of which one (data is unchanged) in intensive care. There are five new cases of positive ascertained but unfortunately one death is reported. In Sardinia 8 new cases and one death .Trend positive also in Emilia Romagna with 65 positives more than yesterday but no deaths and 14 fewer people in hospitals and in Umbria with S5 the new cases of positivity and no deaths. No casualties even in Abruzzo but only 5 new cases. I am instead 3 the deaths of Lazio which also marks another 85 infected. No deaths in Calabria and Trentino with 56 and 3 new infections respectively. In Liguria there are 7 new cases. The positivity rate is 0.12, while the national average is 0.4%. There was one death, a 59-year-old man in Sanremo.

Covid around the world

In Russia 24,439 new cases of covid, the highest number of new daily infections since last January 15th. Particularly affected by this new epidemic wave continues to be the Moscow region, where there are 2,596 new cases. There were 697 deaths, the highest number since the start of the pandemic. L‘Indonesia, The fourth most populous country in the world has seen the number of daily cases more than quadruple in less than a month, with a new record of 27,913 cases in the last 24 hours. There are 493 deaths, less than the record of 539 recorded on Friday. The country has so far recorded 2.25 million cases and 60,027 deaths, one of the most affected nations in Asia, but the figures are underestimated. In the USA A 13-year-old boy from Michigan, Jacob Clynick, died in his sleep three days after receiving the second dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have opened an investigation to see if there may be any correlation between death and vaccine administration, if the young person suffered from previous illnesses or unknown frailties.

The deepening

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The vaccine point

It arrived at 52,682,992 the total of vaccine administrations anti Covid in Italy, as explained by the government report updated this morning. The people who have completed the vaccination cycle are 19,462,810, 36.04% of the over 12 population. Vaccinations for the over 80s are practically stopped, a category in which over 85% of the vaccinable population is already immunized, while they slow down compared to last week the administrations among the over 60s: from 140 thousand in 7 days it went to 108 thousand. The figure emerges from the latest government report, updated to yesterday and on the basis of which in the week between 25 June and 2 July only 9,173 first doses were administered by the Regions to the over 80s, with 345,390 people still having no coverage. against Covid.

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