Rome invaded, the flaw in the order of Speranza – Libero Quotidiano

Rome invaded, the flaw in the order of Speranza – Libero Quotidiano
Rome invaded, the flaw in the order of Speranza – Libero Quotidiano

Sun reporters showed their readers how aturn off the quarantine obligation for those coming from the United Kingdom, so that you can watch the quarter final between England and Ukraine of Euro 2020 scheduled in Rome. In practice it was enough to take a flight from London to Nice and then rent a car to enter the Italian territory and go straight to the capital practically undisturbed.

Having said that the journalists in question have all undergone a (negative) swab, between the ironic and the epic they told of how they managed to take advantage of a little-known point of the Prime Ministerial Decree of last March 2: the five-day quarantine imposed by the minister’s ordinance Roberto Speranza for those coming from the United Kingdom it can in fact be avoided if you enter Italian territory with a private vehicle and do not stop for more than 36 hours. Exceeded this time limit, either you leave Italy immediately or you are subjected to quarantine.

In addition, the Sun reporters recounted their trip in detail: “We flew from London to Nice, then slipped over the border near Monte Carlo, crossing the Italian border at dawn in French rental cars. Then we changed vehicles to whiz from Florence to Rome. The mascot Harry and the Sun team have all been subjected to three checks for Covid before the final assault on the Italian capital. And England fans were thrilled when the Mini Cooper trio completed their mission, with a lap of honor waving the flag of San Giorgio around the Colosseum ”.

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Rome invaded flaw order Speranza Libero Quotidiano

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