Covid today Emilia Romagna: Coronavirus bulletin 3 July 2021. 65 infections and zero deaths

Covid today Emilia Romagna: Coronavirus bulletin 3 July 2021. 65 infections and zero deaths
Covid today Emilia Romagna: Coronavirus bulletin 3 July 2021. 65 infections and zero deaths

Bologna, 3 July 2021 – New cases of Coronavirus found in Emilia Romagna: today’s bulletin detects it 65 (yesterday it was 46) out of a total of 22,556 tampons performed in the last 24 hours. The positivity rate is 0,3%. The good news today is about deaths: no dead linked to Covid in the region.

The decline in prices continues hospitalizations: patients in intensive care I’m 22 (no change from yesterday), 161 those in other Covid departments (-14).

The contagion map sees Reggio Emilia with 13 new cases; they follow Bologna (10) plus 3 in the Imola area, Modena e Rimini (with 8 cases each), Parma (7). They follow Cesena (6), Piacenza (5), Ravenna (4), Forlì (1). No new cases registered with the province of Ferrara.

The Emilian from Romagna 99 are healed more than yesterday and reach 371,061.

I active cases, that is, the actual patients are today 2.673 (- 34 compared to yesterday). 93% of active cases are in isolation at home, with no symptoms or with mild symptoms.

Medici no vax Romagna, the ultimatum: no salary in 5 days

Coronavirus Italy: data and table of regions

In this section of the article we will publish the national data that will be released in the afternoon from Ministry of Health, expected in the afternoon together with the table of regions with updated numbers.

Yesterday they were found in Italy 794 positives (the day before yesterday there were 882) e 28 victims (21), while the positivity rate was stable at 0.4%. 213 patients in intensive care, with a decrease of 16 compared to the previous day, while fewer than 1,500 hospitalized in the medical area.

In yesterday’s monitoring of the Ministry of Health and Higher Institute of Health control room, it emerged that the transmissibility index Rt in Italy has dropped to the 0,67%, with a incidence rate of 9 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Nationally, the Delta variant of Covid has a spread of 22,7% and is present in 16 regions. Intensive care and the medical area are occupied at 3% (critical threshold at 30% and 40%).

First data from the regions Coronavirus Marche – Covid Veneto – Contagions in Tuscany

Contagion today in Emilia Romagna

Since the beginning of the epidemic from Coronavirus, in Emilia-Romagna have registered 386,998 positive cases, 65 more than yesterday, out of a total of 22,556 swabs performed in the last 24 hours; the percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 0,3%.

Of the newly infected, 23 are asymptomatic: 15 were identified thanks to the contact tracing activity, 4 through the tests for the risk categories introduced by the Region. An epidemiological investigation is still underway for 4 cases.

Among the new positives 22 were already in solitary confinement at the time of swab execution, 35 were identified within outbreaks already known.

The average age of new positives today is 33.1 years.

This is the map of the contagion since the beginning of the pandemic: 23,634 a Piacenza (+5, of which 2 symptomatic), 28,678 a Parma (+7, of which 1 symptomatic), 46,967 a Reggio Emilia (+13, of which 11 symptomatic), 65,789 in Modena (+8, of which 6 symptomatic), 82,406 to Bologna (+10, of which 9 symptomatic), 12,664 cases a Imola (+3, of which 2 symptomatic), 23.184 a Ferrara (unchanged), 30,560 a Ravenna (+4, of which 1 symptomatic), 17.104 a Forlì (+1, symptomatic), 19.729 a Cesena (+6, of which 3 symptomatic) and 36,283 a Rimini (+8, of which 6 symptomatic).

Zero deaths in Emilia Romagna

No Covid-related deaths in the region today. In total, deaths in the region therefore remain at the beginning of the epidemic 13.264.


Patients admitted to intensive care I’m 22 (no change from yesterday): 1 a Parma, 1 a Reggio Emilia, 6 a Modena, 11 a Bologna, 2 a Ferrara, 1 a Rimini. No hospitalization in intensive care in Piacenza, Imola, Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena.

I am instead 161 the Emilia Romagna patients suffering from Covid followed in the ordinary departments (-14).

Vaccine in Emilia Romagna

The anti-Covid vaccination campaign continues, extended to all citizens over 12 years of age in Emilia Romagna.

At 1 pm a total of 3,922,077 were administered; out of the total, 1,476,813 people have completed the vaccination cycle. Here the update in real time.

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