Coronavirus, appeal to the TAR of Milan and Brescia of 500 health workers and doctors against the requirement of vaccines

There are about five hundred, between the provinces of Brescia and Milan, the subscribers of the appeal to the tar against the vaccination obligation. All signatories of a complaint presented by the Ligurian lawyer Daniele Granara to the TAR of Milan and to that of Brescia (who had already raised the question in Genoa) which points directly to the law decree 44 which provides, among other things, the obligation of administration for health professionals. And all convinced that they do not want to be vaccinated, despite the constant appeals from the authorities and the scientific community.

For the applicants who ask for the suspension of the administrative acts of the Ats of Milan, Brescia, Cremona, Bergamo and Mantua, the rule would be unconstitutional because “it infringes the inviolable right of freedom of choice, prevention and treatment”, the complaint reads.

“The no-vax have nothing to do with it, even if they have some legal reason – says the lawyer Granara – it is a question of freedom. Italy is the only European country that provides for this obligation. applicants are professionals of all kinds: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, psychologists, pharmacists, psychotherapists “. The appeal aims to prevent the ats and professional associations of health professionals from asking for suspension from the profession for the whole of 2021, as required by the law. An initial response will arrive on July 14, when there will be the hearing of the Brescia Tar.

Arson attack on the Brescia vaccine hub, two no vax arrested. On Fb they wrote: “Destroy the enemy with fear”

01 May 2021

The Ats, however, do not stop and in these days they are carrying out the provisions of the decree. There are thousands of letters arriving in Lombardy from health companies which, after having skimmed the lists of professionals not yet vaccinated on the basis of self-certifications and information in the possession of the Ats, are calling the health workers to comply with the obligation.

The procedure envisaged is complex and involves the sending of two registered letters. If at the end of the investigations the persons identified continue to refuse to vaccinate without a justified reason, they face demotion (removal from contact with the public for example) or suspension from the profession until the end of 2021.

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