LIVE COVID-19 – Vaia: “Delta variant? Don’t scare people”. Salvini’s appeal: “Let’s take holidays in Italy”. Vaccini Lazio, stop to bookings for over 17s

LIVE COVID-19 – Vaia: “Delta variant? Don’t scare people”. Salvini’s appeal: “Let’s take holidays in Italy”. Vaccini Lazio, stop to bookings for over 17s
LIVE COVID-19 – Vaia: “Delta variant? Don’t scare people”. Salvini’s appeal: “Let’s take holidays in Italy”. Vaccini Lazio, stop to bookings for over 17s

The Coronavirus emergency continues to give no respite not only in Italy, but throughout the planet. As usual, the Ministry of Health shared the bulletin containing the updates relating to the spread of COVID-19 in Italy. I’m 794 the new infections on 199.238 swabs carried out, while the victims in the last 24 hours are 28. The positivity rate is 0.4%. will update you LIVE with all the main news.

13:01 – As of yesterday, across the China more than 1.28 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered. This was announced today by the National Health Commission.

12:29 – “Today we are here for the calls of the Juniors, it is an important moment. 40,000 between this and next week will finish the vaccination course. A significant number in the 12 – 16 range. Moreover, it is currently the most exposed to variants and contagion. Therefore it is very important to complete this vaccination process “. Thus the councilor for Health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato.

11:39 – “Let’s clarify the Delta variant. They still haven’t understood: People must not be scared! Severity and serenity are the right combination. Forward in the campaign. The enemy is on the ropes. You need the knock down blow and we will give it to them. ! As we did with Belgium. Long live Italy! “. So on Facebook the medical director of Spallanzani in Rome, Francesco Wow.

10:53 – “I invite all Italians to stay in Italy this summer because it is the most beautiful country in the world and also for patriotism; let’s avoid going to bring money to the other side of the world when the beauties are here”. The leader of the League said, Matteo Salvini, this morning in Potenza to inaugurate the collection of signatures in support of the referendum on justice.

10:28 – The British Medical Association (BMA) appeals to the British government to keep some anti-COVID-19 restrictions in force even after July 19 (expected date for total reopening), already postponed by one month, due to the Delta variant.

10:05 – “We cannot afford to lose even one day of next season: it is important to have clear ideas about the lines and protocols to be adopted, aware that the situation continues to evolve. But let’s start with some certainties: skiing does not affect the infection” . So
Giuseppe Cuc, president of the National College of Ski Instructors, intervenes after the programmatic meeting in view of the next winter season which took place in the Milanese headquarters of Fisi.

09:45 – After sixteen months, the pilgrimages to the Holy Land resumed organized by the Roman Opera Pellegrinaggi. The first – after the forced break linked to the COVID-19 pandemic – is scheduled for 5 to 9 July; it will be guided by Cardinal Enrico Feroci, parish priest of Santa Maria del Divino Amore in Castel di Leva and rector of the Diocesan Seminary of the Madonna del Divino Amore. The group made up of Italian pilgrims, guides, priests and journalists will also be accompanied by Monsignor Remo Chiavarini, managing director of the Roman pilgrimage work, and don Filippo Morlacchi, priest the gift of faith of the diocese of Rome.

09:17 – The Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali signed the decree establishing the modalities of access for spectators to the Olympic Stadium, on the occasion of the England-Ukraine Euro 2020 quarter-final match, scheduled for today in Rome. You get hold of the Green Pass.

09:00 – Update on the vaccination campaign in the Lazio Region. Stop to bookings for over 17s, postponement of the campaign for children between 12 and 16 years and postponement of the first dose for those who had fixed it between 11 and 15 July. He writes it Sky TG 24.

08:40 – I’m 52,682,992 doses of vaccine against COVID-19 administered in Italy, 89.4% of the total of those delivered, amounting to 58,914,932 so far (in detail, 41,008,271 Pfizer-BioNTech, 5,446,115 Moderna, 10,414,040 Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca and 2,046,506 Janssen). The people who have completed the vaccination cycle are 19,462,810, 36.04% of the population over 12. This is what we read in the online report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06.08 today.

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