What should someone who gets infected after the vaccine do? All the rules in Lazio

What should someone who gets infected after the vaccine do? All the rules in Lazio
What should someone who gets infected after the vaccine do? All the rules in Lazio

More than 1500 positive people al Covid after one or two doses of vaccine. Whether it’s Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or J&J. The data was recorded in South Tyrol on June 16, but it is a phenomenon that occurs throughout Italy. Also in the Lazio. Where, however, in the last month, the new cases of coronavirus registered are rather contained. However, there is maximum attention regarding the Delta variant, which is spreading throughout Europe and is also present in the Capital Region. Therefore, it is important to know what to do in case you test positive even after the vaccine. This is explained by Dr. Enrico Di Rosa, Director of the Hygiene and Public Health Service of the ASL ROMA 1.

Are there any vaccines you are more likely to get infected with?

We have a limited number of cases of people who test positive after vaccination. It can happen with different vaccines: there is not one more and one less. It can happen. We often talk about the percentage of vaccine efficacy, this means that a part, however, can be infected and also have symptoms. The greater the number of cases, the more it is possible that there are infected among the vaccinated. We expect it. We are keeping them under control, also for the variants phenomenon.

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When is infected with Covid who is vaccinated?

Many fall ill close to vaccination. This is because, within 14 days of the injection, the body has not yet produced an immunity and the vaccine has not had its effect. The other aspect is that in most cases, people have one disease with very attenuated symptoms. So the phenomenon exists, it is expected, but these elements, and the data we have, give us hope. Those who are vaccinated are protected from illness, hospitalization and death.

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What to do if i get infected after the vaccine?

Even vaccinated people must continue to be cautious. Avoid exposing yourself. So follow all those precautionary rules such as avoiding crowded places, wearing a mask indoors, sanitizing your hands. Continue the practices we already had during the pandemic. We must always be careful of the symptoms of Covid. If they appear, you need to get tested: because otherwise a person becomes lightly infected, does not notice it, and infects someone else. Even if sick vaccinated people are less contagious, they have less viral load according to the latest data we have available.

What rules must be followed?

If a person is sick, with positive swab, he has to stay in quarantine. Even if vaccinated. And then wait for healing. To get out of isolation, a Covid negative swab must be found 10 days after the onset of the disease. But it can do so provided the symptoms have been gone for at least three days.

Who is vaccinated and learns they have been in contact with a positive?

If I am vaccinated and I learn that I have been in contact with a patient, as a precaution I must observe 10 days of quarantine and then carry out the swab. In other countries, such as the United States, those who are vaccinated are considered to be at low risk: they do not have to be in quarantine, as long as they isolate themselves only if symptoms appear. In Italy there is a more cautious attitude.


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