74% of those who contract it are not vaccinated

74% of those who contract it are not vaccinated
74% of those who contract it are not vaccinated

74 percent of people who contract the Delta variant of Covid-19 is not vaccinated. This is what emerged from the last study of the Seresmi Spallanzani Institute, which shows how this type of variant has increased tenfold in a month in the region, passing from 3.4 per cent of the survey of 18 May to 34.9 per cent of today. Considering the percentage of the infected population who did not receive the vaccine or who, with the first dose alone, did not complete the vaccination process, the figure rises to 94 percent. An estimate that is consistent at European level by the ECDC, European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. “From the results that emerged from the Seresmi Spallanzani study, further confirmation is found of how it is necessary in this phase to complete the vaccination courses with all the available vaccines, which are all effective against the variant if the process is completed”, explains the regional councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato.

Variante Gamma is the most widespread in Lazio

Another aspect that emerged from the study concerns sequencing and tracing, with tests on 100 percent of positive swabs. From what has been learned to date, July 2, 2021, the variant most present within the Lazio territory is the Gamma variant with 36.8 percent of cases, followed by the Delta variant with 34.9 percent, third Alfa variant with 27.4 per cent. “Advances to fifty-six days have been completed today for bookings of all over 60s with double dose AstraZeneca – continues D’Amato, c eh emphasizes – A study by the Janssen company published in the New York Times confirms that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is effective against the Delta variant even eight months after inoculation, this data is important above all for the campaign we are promoting through campers and initiatives such as the Santo Spirito, where there was a sold out “.


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