Covid Marche, outbreak at the party. White area at risk – Chronicle

Covid Marche, outbreak at the party. White area at risk – Chronicle
Covid Marche, outbreak at the party. White area at risk – Chronicle

Ascoli, 2 July 2021 – It has risen to 27, with the last ones tampons processed yesterday, the number of positive to Sars-Cov-2 attributable to Covid outbreak developed during the party that took place last week in a seaside resort on the Riviera. On Wednesday the molecular biology laboratory of the ‘Mazzoni’ hospital had diagnosed 7, yesterday another 20 out of 120 molecular tests analyzed.

The latest Covid bulletin of the Marche

“Of today’s positive winds (yesterday ed) – says the director of clinical pathology of the vast Area 5, Antonio Fortunato – only one has a low viral load and it is an adult, the others are all boys between 16 and 18 and have a very high viral load. In addition, another 150 antigenic tests are being analyzed, but I am quite confident that among these there will not be many positives because they are checks of people not belonging to the cluster. “The outbreak that broke out following the party in San Benedict, and the tracing of contacts by the Health and Hygiene Service of the vast Area 5 is proving to be somewhat complicated, also because there were about 180 participants.

To show some concern, also in view of a possible risk of loss of the white area for the entire region, he is the president Francesco Acquaroli. “The 46 new Covid positives recorded on the last day (yesterday ed) in the Marche region, most of which in the age group between 15 and 24 years, they are an important number because to preserve the white zone we have to stay under 50 cases per day. We hope that it is an isolated case, perhaps attributable to a specific situation, but I invite everyone to observe the rules that are still in force and to pay the utmost attention and caution. Today’s data (yesterday ed) underline the fact that, if we are not careful, the risk of a resumption of the contagion is strong. We will speak with the prefectures, for control actions that do not serve to repress, but to keep attention high “.

In province of Ascoli i cluster at the moment there are two: a family of three a Montefiore dell’Aso is that of St. Benedict of the young people taking part in the party. The contact tracing is in progress on the 180 children participating in the event, some vaccinated and others not. The former were negative and some of the positives were paucisymptomatic.

However, what worries healthcare professionals is also the viral load, very high and therefore easily correlated to the Delta variant. Ten samples were sent to the virology laboratory of the ‘Torrette’ hospital in Ancona and the results are awaited. Of the 46 infections yesterday in the Marche region, however, 31 are young and of these: 16 are in the 15-19 age group, 10 in the 20-24 year old and 5 cases in the 25-29 year old.

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