the bulletin of 1 July 2021

the bulletin of 1 July 2021
the bulletin of 1 July 2021

There are less than 20 intensive care units occupied by Covid patients in Sicilian hospitals. And even today – like yesterday – there was no new entry. On the other hand, 137 new infections were identified out of 10,460 processed swabs, with a positive rate of 1.3%. Unfortunately, there are 4 other deaths on the island, while the healed are 279.

The current positives fall below 4 thousand, 3,885 to be precise. Of these, just over 4% are in hospital: 151 (-4 compared to yesterday) in the ordinary regime, while 18 (-2) in intensive care. The remaining 3,716 symptoms free or with mild symptoms are cared for in the home. At the provincial level there are 12 new cases in Palermo, 22 in Catania, 0 in Messina, 15 in Syracuse, 8 in Trapani, 12 in Ragusa, 27 in Agrigento, 32 in Caltanissetta and 9 in Enna.

Do vaccines protect against the Delta variant?

“We are aware of the concerns raised by the Delta variant and other variants”, but “currently all vaccines approved in the European Union (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, ed) seem effective in protecting those who have been vaccinated from all the viral variants in circulation in the EU “. This was reported by the head of the EMA vaccination strategy, Marco Cavaleri, during a press conference organized by the European Medicines Agency .

“Early scientific evidence indicates that two doses of the vaccine are protective against the Delta variant,” Cavaleri added. “It is important to continue vaccination with particular attention to the most vulnerable and the elderly,” he stressed. Still on the subject of virus mutations, Cavaleri confirmed that the EMA expects “other variants to emerge, so it is very important that we continue with the monitoring and surveillance of vaccine efficacy”. Besides the “classic” Delta variant, among other things, “Delta plus has already emerged, which is the Delta with another mutation in the spike protein, which we need to keep under control,” said the expert.

Covid in Italy

Today’s new coronavirus bulletin from the Ministry of Health records 882 new cases (out of 188,474 swabs) and 21 deaths. Intensive care units are down by 18 (today they are 229, with 7 new admissions in the last 24 hours), and ordinary hospitalizations in hospitals -61. The positive-buffer ratio is 0.5%. Currently positive people drop below 50 thousand. It was from 27 September 2020 that the sick were not less than 50 thousand: at the time we were at the beginning of the surge that would have led, on 22 November 2020, to the peak with even 802 thousand active patients. Of the 49,000 currently positive today, 47,597 are in home isolation, 1,532 are hospitalized in ordinary wards and 229 in intensive care. The decline in the epidemiological curve in Italy continues: yesterday 776 new cases were recorded, with a positivity rate of 0.4%, and 24 deaths.

Coronavirus, today’s bulletin Thursday 1 July 2021

  • Currently positive: 49,358 (-1,083)
  • Deaths: total 127,587 (+21)
  • Discharged / Healed: total 4,083,843 (+1,941)
  • Hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards: 1,532 (-61)
  • Intensive care admissions: 229 (-18, with 7 new admissions in the last 24 hours)
  • Buffers: 188,474 (71,771,680 in all)
  • Total positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic: 4,260,788

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