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“They are wrong, but the person is missing” -

WHO on Covid-19 cases in Europe: “Increased by 10% and insufficient vaccination coverage”. On Europeans: “Improving monitoring”

Covid-19 cases in Europe have resumed climbing after two months of decline. To declare it is l‘World Health Organization (WHO) which also spoke of the risk of a new wave “unless we remain disciplined”. According to the WHO last week “the number of cases is increased by 10% due to increased travel, crowds and loosening of restrictions, “said the WHO regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge at a press conference.

Vaccination coverage against Covid-19 in Europe it is still insufficient in an “unacceptable” way, stressed Kluge. “We see many countries doing well, but the truth is that the average vaccination coverage in the region is only 24% and the worst thing is that half of our seniors and 40% of our health workers are still unprotected,” he said. pointing out the remoteness of Europe “from recommended vaccination coverage of 80% of the population”. For the regional director “with these numbers, the pandemic is by no means over and it would be very wrong for anyone – citizens and authorities – to consider it as such”.

Speaking of monitoring cases during di Europeans of football, the WHO has also called for a “better monitoring” of spectators of the matches, inviting the cities that will host the last matches to carry out more accurate checks. The movements of spectators should in fact be monitored, even before their arrival and after their departure and it would be necessary to “look beyond the stadiums”, as stated by Catherine Smallwood, WHO official for the European headquarters.

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