Oristano, an entire positive family but Covid had been excluded

The symptoms were those typical of Covid-19 but an 87-year-old man was not swabbed at the San Martino di Oristano emergency room. And now the old man is fighting in a cot in the Santissima Trinità hospital in Cagliari, but his whole family is infected.

The misfortune began in recent days, the pensioner was ill and on Tuesday 30th he was accompanied to the emergency room. Doctors diagnosed him with the onset of bronchopneumonia, prescribed an antibiotic and sent him home, excluding the coronavirus (without a tampon).

The Emergency Room (photo Pinna)

According to relatives, the conditions worsened, a few days later the swab was carried out and it was positive. It was not even possible to perform the CT scan because it had been out of use for some days. In the meantime, there has been contagion in the family: the 78-year-old wife, two children and a grandson are also positive. On Easter morning the situation worsened and the husband and wife were rushed to Cagliari. Admitted to the Holy Trinity, they are in serious condition, under oxygen. While the rest of the family is in quarantine.

In the city, the situation is becoming more and more dramatic, in recent days there has been a surge in infections (at the moment there are 98 positive people) and the San Martino is in great suffering due to a shortage of staff, without a Covid point.


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