Audi A3 and A4: the next models will be electric

In recent days there are some advances from the car manufacturer Audi, regarding the now inevitable farewell of car models with internal combustion engines. Well, now there are many rumors regarding the next moves that will mark the strategy of the Ingolstadt company and the arrival of the A3 e-tron and of A4 e-tron. Some rumors, in fact, speculate that thelatest endothermic model of the Audi brand, to debut on the market, could be the SUV Q8, in which arrival expected in 2026 together with the Q8 e-tron.

So, after 2026, not only battery-powered models of the Audi brand will be available but, apparently, the company will produce others vehicles with traditional engines for the Q8, certainly until 2023. However, the German manufacturer will stop the development of internal combustion engines in order to focus attention on what will be the new electric models. The German newspaper Automobile week, in this regard, it seems to affirm that – as reported by CEO Markus Duesmann – after 2026, only battery-powered cars will be developed. This does not mean, in any case, that combustion car models will not be available, but only after 2031 or 2032 the German company will have only electric cars on the market.

Apparently, however, some of the most popular models belonging to the range produced by the car manufacturer of the Four Rings, such as theA3 and theA4, will be replaced directly by the electric ones A3 e-tron e A4 e-tron. Therefore, these two models will have no endothermic heirs. Instead, the new generations of the A5 and A6 will lead to the arrival of both endothermic and electric versions. Specifically, theA6 e-tron, will have an accumulator of 100 kWh thanks to which one will be guaranteed autonomy of 700 km, and will be the second car of the German house to be based on the innovative architecture PPE (Premium Platform Electric) developed with Porsche. Instead, the first vehicle to be built on the PPE will be the SUV Q6 e-tron, whose debut is scheduled for 2022.


Audi models electric

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