What happens if you break the Model 3 display while driving?

What happens if you break the Model 3 display while driving?
What happens if you break the Model 3 display while driving?

It Tesla’s screen handles virtually any function of the car, if you had to break you would lose the control the settings of the car? An expensive curiosity not a little but an American youtuber decided that, in the name of science, it was something to do absolutely.

So TechRax he decided it was time to find out what would happen in the event of sudden malfunction or breakdown of the display central of its own Model 3. Car manufacturers on modern models have removed most of the physical interaction systems, replacing them with ampi display which could be distracting while driving; while some builders like Mazda, they decided to limit the use of the touchscreen once a certain speed (5 or 10 km / h) is exceeded, others leave total freedom for the occupants.

We’ve probably all had smartphones with one broken screen and sometimes the screen breaks almost completely. However, it remains glued to the phone and still allows you to perform some operations. Other times, the phone stops working completely. Based on these experiences, we must assume that the Model 3’s touch screen can function in the same way, depending on the extent and circumstances of the damage.

But what happens if the central display is damaged? As you will see in the video below, the youtuber begins to lightly hit the display with a hammer until cause it to break completely. Despite this aspect, the car remains functional and able to be driven to destination. Even after removing the display entirely, Model 3 remains manageable: a big surprise. Of course, the question remains whether all manufacturers work the same way and whether Tesla is just the exception.

Obviously we will not know this aspect, at least today, because the youtuber will already have to face one spent about $ 1,500 to restore his Model 3 functions.


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