“No reporting”. Instead … the product to avoid – Libero Quotidiano

“No reporting”. Instead … the product to avoid – Libero Quotidiano
“No reporting”. Instead … the product to avoid – Libero Quotidiano

In Italy there is a site that reports on a daily and constant basis all the references concerning food products placed on the market in our territory. This is de The Food Fact, which last June 18 reported the withdrawal of a pesto sold in Carrefour supermarkets. The product concerned, incidentally, was that of the Pastificio Novella di Sori, in the province of Genoa.

And it is precisely on this matter that the specialized site receives a letter of thanks, immediately published: “I have to thank The Food Fact for alarming me. In fact, yesterday, June 18, I had just had time to take a quick look at The Food Fact just got home. Later I went to Carrefour and, being a fan of pesto but preferring the artisanal to the industrial one, I was about to buy the one from the Pastificio Novella di Sori (GE) for the first time, found in the refrigerator of the fresh. Suddenly the name, but above all the image of the package, I seemed to know it. I looked at yesterday’s news from your site on my mobile phone and here is the photo of the package “, wrote the user.

Thanks due to the fact that “not even on purpose, the batch and the expiry date of the product indicated in the article as being at risk of microbiological pollution coincided with the one present in the store. Of course I immediately notified a salesman from the supermarket. And here the point is: he claimed not to have received any reports with which Carrefour logistics warns the branches of product problems and possible withdrawals “. The withdrawal?” Only after reading your article “, the user said that he signs himself” Gianni P. “.

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