Fund lost, automatic transfers are triggered: official status arrives

Fund lost, automatic transfers are triggered: official status arrives
Fund lost, automatic transfers are triggered: official status arrives

The start is finally here. Automatic transfers for non-repayable contributions are ready. Mef and the Revenue Agency communicate this.

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In the end, the pressing of workers and trade associations has borne fruit. Non-repayable contributions, automatically recognized to those who have already benefited from the first funds disbursed with the first Sostegni, are ready to end up on the ibans of those entitled to them. The Ministry of Economy, in fact, announced that the payment of contributions expected by those who also benefited from the first tranche, are ready to be disbursed. The first official statement, in fact, to unravel a situation that was becoming complicated. Also because, despite the delay, in the last few days no information had been received regarding the new accreditation dates.

This time, however, the Revenue Agency also intervenes together with the Mef, in a joint statement that puts things in order, at least for now. As explained by the Ministry and the institution, 1.77 million transfers, for a total amount of approximately 5 billion euros, are ready to be dispensed automatically, without the need to produce new instances. Those who had requested and received the previous indemnity, therefore, will receive the credit of the new tranche directly on their current account. In addition to this money, there are also about 38 thousand of non-repayable contributions in the form of tax credits.

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Fund lost, under whose turn it is: when automatic transfers arrive

The beneficiaries are exclusively those with a VAT number active as of May 26, 2021, provided that the previous contribution has not been unduly received and, if necessary, returned. As mentioned, the transfers of the non-repayable fund, paid by the Revenue Agency, will arrive directly on the accounts. Or, in any case, according to the ways in which the first contributions were paid. It should be remembered that, if in the first tranche one had opted for offsetting, the new lost fund will also follow this rule. Basically, those who have not chosen credit for the first tranche will not be able to do so even for the second.

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According to the press release, the accreditations will probably start in these days. Having resolved the stalemate on this front, it will soon be the turn of those who still have to receive the contributions of the Sostegni bis. Or, those who did not have access to the first tranche and have applied for the second. They will in fact receive a first contribution and, in this case, the speed of the request will prevail. The sooner the question has started, the sooner the money will arrive. Or the tax credit.

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