from the portal to the notice-

from the portal to the notice-
from the portal to the notice-

A few simple steps will be enough and, from this Friday 25 June, Lombard citizens will be able to move the date for the recall of the anti-Covid vaccine. It will be possible, according to the needs, choose a new date for the appointment in which to receive the second dose, necessary to complete the immunization cycle against the coronavirus.

One possibility that the head of the Lombard vaccination campaign Guido Bertolaso ​​wanted to reiterate should be used only in necessary cases and obviously to get around the problem of reminders during the holiday period: There is no specific criterion, we do not ask for a medical certificate or air ticket, we appeal to the common sense of our citizens – underlined the former head of Civil Protection last Friday at the press conference – so that this possible move is made only for an important reason, only in necessary cases, to avoid flooding the system and creating problems in the agendas. In short: only in case of actual need so that this possibility is not abused.

In practice, here are the necessary steps, and the things to know, for those who need to move the date of the second appointment with the anti-Covid drug.

To change the date of the recall, you must connect to the Post Office portal already used for booking, with your own health card, and go to the appointment management section. Or you can call the toll-free number 800 894 545.

With a notice of at least seven days before the date set automatically by the system, it will be possible to choose a new date. For example: from Friday 25 June the appointments scheduled from 2 July onwards can be postponed. The notice needed to allow for a reorganization of the appointment slots. In other words: the new date must be requested within 7 days of the appointment already set for the second dose.

It will be possible to change not only the date, but also the time and place of the recall. The Region has specified that only one modification will be possible based on the needs offered by the vaccination hubs (starting from the assumption that the move must be linked to relevant reasons) and – clearly – in compliance with the time indicated for the second administration of the different vaccines. You will need to stay within the time range indicated for the recall of individual drugs: no later than 42 days for Pfizer and Moderna, and no more than 84 days for AstraZeneca.

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