Fact flop investigation on Eni, and the prosecutors fall on the fake cards of Travaglio and co.

Fact flop investigation on Eni, and the prosecutors fall on the fake cards of Travaglio and co.
Fact flop investigation on Eni, and the prosecutors fall on the fake cards of Travaglio and co.

In hindsight it was inevitable that the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, last November, did not grasp the unexpected info-investigative contribution from the Everyday occurrence in Eni-Nigeria process. The debate on the maxi corruption was in the final stages. Among the experts it was widespread perception that the judges of the Seventh Criminal Section were forming a very different belief compared to the assessments of the Prosecutor’s Office. At the hearing on 23 July 2019, a twist had thrown the prosecutors into panic.

The defender of one of the accused had pointed out that in another proceeding among the documents filed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office there was a report of the financial police in which it was acknowledged the existence of a videotape carried out in a clandestine manner by the lawyer Piero Amara. The subject of the recording was the meeting of 28 July 2014 between Amara himself, Vincenzo Armanna and some fixers, in the manager’s offices Ezio Bigotti, one of the protagonists of the “Syracuse system “. The recording showed very clearly the intention of Armanna, an Eni manager fired for false reimbursement of expenses, to take revenge against his former bosses. Armanna, two days later, will report to the Milan prosecutor’s office to report corruption committed by Eni and from its top, thus becoming the main prosecutor.

The adjunct Fabio De Pasquale, the holder of the file, displaced by this recording of which despite being aware he had been careful not to produce, on February 15 2020 he will try to enter into the trial a report in which Amara had told that the lawyers of the defendants and Eni they had access to the president of the college Marco Tremolada. A “bomb” that risked blowing up the whole process. A few days earlier, at the end of January, the Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco and the adjunct Laura Pedio, magistrate of his utmost confidence, they had sent to the Prosecutor of Brescia, competent for the crimes committed by the Milanese judges, said report. The file, for the record, will be archived as Amara’s bales are clear. But let’s get to the help of the Done ai pm.

Antonio Massari in an article of November 1, 2020 he said he had viewed a chat produced by Armanna and signed by the current number two of Eni, Claudio Granata. Topic of the discussion was the dismissal of Armanna and his future possibility to rejoin Eni or obtain positions in other group companies. Granata urged Armanna to “not make rash moves”, arguing that “Eni can certainly destroy anyone in Italy”. “They know everything about you, who your friends are, where you live, who you talk to, where you could look for work, who could help you, where your wife works and where your children go to school,” Granata wrote. And again: “I could not do anything to stop them”. Grenade also foretold that Eni “A work of destroying your reputation will soon begin.” The publication of the article was followed by Eni’s reply that he remembered how Barefoot e Grenade had filed a libel suit against Armanna regarding her statements similar to those reported in the false conversation. Eni also recalled that «the statements and accusations made by Armanna during the procedure Op1245 they have proved false and denied by facts and procedural testimony, and how irrefutable evidence emerged on its intention to manipulate events related to the field at a judicial level to hit Eni’s management and derive personal economic advantages ». Practically six months in advance what the judges will write in the acquittal of all the defendants.

The chat, instead of ending up in the trash, ends up in the book Magistropolis, always written by Massari. “We note that for the umpteenth time your newspaper does not miss an opportunity to attack Eni and its managers without the existence of any news, building offenses and publishing alleged” exchanges “without any relevance to the circumstances under investigation, manipulated, ideologically and materially false and altogether and logically devoid of any truthfulness », the new Eni reply. It’s still: “Claudio Descalzi e Claudio Granata they never had those conversations with Vincenzo Armanna, least of all in a chat that anyone could technically be able to artificially reproduce, after having invented the contents “ex post” to support their own slanderous narratives aimed at easing the personal position and providing alleged feedback “. «We would like to inform your readers that already on October 31, 2020 we had offered ourselves, both with Massari that with the Director of Fq, to provide all the technical explanations underlying our categorical denial on the contents of the false chat, but that our proposal was rejected without any explanation ».

“We note that the author, and consequently the newspaper, prefer to give credit to a source, Vincenzo Armanna, that in the context of the Op1245 procedure has demonstrated its total unreliability and of which the facts have proved the lies declared for personal interests “. The rejoinder is entrusted to Massari: «The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Milano summoned me, after having published the first article in November, to acquire the contents of the chats published by our newspaper and in the book in an investigation dossier Magistropolis. Both in the article and in the book, with the utmost clarity we have specified – and we reiterate it here – that we have not taken any position on the chats in question: we do not know if they are authentic or false and only the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office – who, following our article, ordered a technical report on Armanna’s phone to verify whether they are authentic or manipulated messages – will be able to provide an answer and clarify ».

And we come to last week. The synthesis of what happened is entrusted to the Corriere della Sera. To realize that the chat was a tarot “there was not even a need for who knows what computer searches on Armanna’s phone, whether or not they are the profiles of legal unusability now evoked by the leaders of the Prosecutor’s Office (of Milan) to reject the accusation of Prosecutor of Brescia of having withheld evidence in favor of the defenses “. It had been enough to check if the numbers were really of Barefoot e Grenade. Activity carried out by the Milanese prosecutor Paolo Storari, The prosecutor, in fact, was given by Armanna the cell phone, never confiscated over the years and “with a simple question from the telephone operator’s registry office” ascertained that Descalzi and Granata had never had such users. End of the story. Indeed, no: Storari had warned everyone at the Prosecutor’s Office but no one decided to inform the Court of this circumstance.

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