Dacia Duster, with the 2021 restyling updates design and technology

After 3 years, Dacia’s best-selling SUV with 1.9 million units sold is renewed, partly updating the design and technologies.

The Duster receives a restyling that updates its look and on-board equipment while keeping the formula of a versatile and complete SUV intact.

Renewed look and interior

The restyled version is recognized for the style shared with the new Sandero. The Romanian compact has started a new design course for the House and in the SUV we find the front and rear Y-shaped LED headlights.

Also new is the tail spoiler and the design of the 16 “and 17” alloy wheels. In addition to the new look, according to Dacia, the components have also significantly improved aerodynamics. Specifically, the Romanian brand speaks of a reduction of 5.8 g / CO2 per km for the 4×4 version.

The cockpit is also updated with new upholstery and a completely revised center console. Now you can choose two new infotainment systems called Media Display e Media Nav, both can be controlled from the 8 ”touch screen.

Dacia Duster restyling (2021)

The original equipment includes 6 speakers, DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and two USB ports. In addition, voice commands can be managed from the spokes of the steering wheel.

With the Media Nav, on the other hand, the system is enriched with navigation and Wi-Fi connectivity. In both versions, the screen also shows all-wheel drive information and the 4×4 Monitor with altimeter, inclinometer and compass.

Engines and safety

Given that the Italian range of engines has not yet been formalized, the restyling Duster has received a new 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission available in combination with the 150 HP TCe petrol engine. Alternatively, there are the 90, 130 and 150 HP TCe petrol versions with 6-speed manual gearbox (the most powerful is also with all-wheel drive). Also present are the 116 HP dCi diesel (2WD and 4WD) and the 101 HP LPG.

Engine Traction Change
TCe 90 petrol 2WD 6-speed manual
TCe 130 petrol 2WD 6-speed manual
TCe 150 petrol 4WD 6-speed manual
TCe 150 petrol EDC 2WD Automatic 6-speed double clutch
ECO-G 100 petrol / LPG 2WD 6-speed manual
dCi 115 diesel 2WD or 4WD 6-speed manual

The safety equipment is also quite complete. In the Duster restyling we find the Blind Spot Warning (active from 30 to 140 km / h) which signals the arrival of a vehicle in the blind spot of the mirror, the Park Assist, l’Hill Start Assist and 4 camera views. In the 4×4 there is also theAdaptive Hill Descent Control, a sort of cruise control active between 5 and 30 km / h (even in reverse) to control the descent.

The first restyled Dacia Dusters will arrive in dealerships from September 2021.

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