PosteMobile: from 24 June 2021 the new SIM cards will be activated on the Vodafone network –

PosteMobile: from 24 June 2021 the new SIM cards will be activated on the Vodafone network –
PosteMobile: from 24 June 2021 the new SIM cards will be activated on the Vodafone network –

After starting the progressive migration of already customers, in a few days PosteMobile will allow you to use the Vodafone network fino in 4G+ also on new activations of its SIM cards, without having to wait for the passage.

The virtual operator Full MVNO of PostePay, which currently relies on the WINDTRE network, for new SIMs activated starting from June 24, 2021 will use directly to the Vodafone mobile network.

This news will follow the announcement of last June 15, 2021, when PosteMobile posted on its site the official announcement of the change of the mobile support network for existing customers with PosteMobile Full SIM, started from 16 June 2021.

The news for the new PosteMobile activations

However, there were still no official communications regarding the new SIM PosteMobile activated from 16 June 2021 onwards, which therefore are currently still activated on the WINDTRE network waiting to be migrated to the Vodafone network.

According to information verified by MondoMobileWeb, however, all the new PosteMobile SIM cards activated from 24 June 2021 they will connect directly to the Vodafone mobile network, without going through that WINDTRE.

According to what was communicated by PosteMobile, even with the transition to the Vodafone network it will remain possible to surf on 4G + network up to 300 Mbps. Furthermore, due to the discontinuation of 3G carried out by Vodafone in recent months, PosteMobile customers will no longer have access to this network technology.

More details on the migration of existing Full MVNO customers

According to sources verified by MondoMobileWeb, the migration has begun from 16 June 2021 is covering until June 23, 2021 only a sample of approx 120000 SIM of some already PosteMobile Full customers.

Instead, with the start of the use of the Vodafone network also for the new SIM cards activated from 24 June 2021, PosteMobile will simultaneously start the progressive massive migration of all the rest of the already Full MVNO customers, which according to verified sources should be concluded by September 2021, except for delays or changes.

Please note that this step is for existing customers it will not involve changing the SIM cards as PosteMobile is a virtual operator of type Full MVNO. On the other hand, there was no change for PosteMobile ESP customers, who had remained under the Vodafone network.

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PosteMobile creates anticipation with the campaign “I want PosteMobile”

A possible confirmation of the date of June 24, 2021 as the official launch of the Vodafone coverage for the new PosteMobile activations comes directly from the virtual operator’s website and social networks.

In fact, from Sunday 20 June 2021 the operator is creating anticipation, inserting a feature every day which represents its mobile phone service, updating the dedicated page from time to time “I want PosteMobile”.

Both on the site and on the Facebook page, PosteMobile has entered:

  • the wording first “I want transparency”, underlining that with PosteMobile “You have no surprises or hidden costs, because services such as ‘Call back’, ‘I look for you’, call waiting, credit check and hotspot browsing do not involve additional costs”;
  • then “I want convenience” yesterday 21 June 2021 (“We are sure we can offer you the rate that best suits your needs, without constraints, at a price that includes everything you need and that does not change over time”);
  • finally today, June 22, 2021 too “I want simplicity” (“There is always someone ready to help you, both in person and through our telephone and digital support channels”).

The composition of the image and its components, of which 3 out of 4 revealed so far, present on the site is the same as that which had been inserted in the dedicated page of the announcement of the network change of already customers starting from 16 June 2021, which in that case already had the wording “I want everything, I want a PosteMobile offer”.

Following this pattern, the fourth and final feature should be added tomorrow 23 June 2021 “I want freedom”, while from 24 June 2021 the use of the Vodafone network should be made official also for the new activations.

Simultaneously with the change of support network also for the new activations of its SIMs, PosteMobile is also considering launching a new offer, as reported on the page “I want PosteMobile”, as the operator invites you to come back in the next few days to discover the dedicated offer.

Despite this, it should be noted that PosteMobile has decided anyway to extend the possibility of subscribing to online offers Creami WOW 10GB for 4.99 euros per month, Creami Style to 5 euros per month e Creamy WeBack for 9.99 euros per month until 6 July 2021, subject to changes.

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