Cashback is very close to the deadline: exclusion for the crafty ones

Cashback is very close to the deadline: exclusion for the crafty ones
Cashback is very close to the deadline: exclusion for the crafty ones

The initiative is coming to an end, many excluded from the program and from the final reimbursement. All notified via app.

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The initiative strongly wanted by the Conte government to try to wipe out tax evasion, through a net brake on the circulation of cash, stimulating credit card transactions ATM comes to an end. At least of its first part. The cashback, in its first semester, it will expire on 30 June to resume from the following day until next 31 December. The initiative in every home can be defined as a success.

If nothing else it has approached even more citizens to the idea of ​​making purchases paying exclusively by credit card or debit card. The idea of ​​giving up cash for many meant just too much and of consequence card transactions were not always taken into account. Today, Italians seem to be heading towards that path in which cash will be seen gradually to disappear. Here too, however, there are the usual limits of our people.

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Cashback is very close to the deadline: the inevitable vice of being smart has emerged

As unfortunately often It happens, the Italian always has the desire to be smarter than others and, in some way, to try always and in any case to take the maximum personal advantage out of every situation. We have therefore seen the ones that performed ten operations to do refueling to be able to boast a greater number of redeemable transactions which then gave the possibility to climb the ranking to access the final Super Bonus of 1500 euro.

For those who have been somehow discovered, where the state has verified the presence of operations in the end fictitious only suitable to accumulate transactions came the blockade and the expulsion from the initiative. No pecuniary penalty for the moment but only the exclusion from the program and consequently the nullification of all that “dirty work”.

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For them, for the so-called cunning ones, no deadline of 30 June, the cashback it is already finished long ago. It just needed to be a little more honest, with regard to the initiative, the other citizens and even themselves, and instead, they did not resist. This, the exclusion, the final result.

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