Cashback, who are excluded from the refund?

Cashback, who are excluded from the refund?
Cashback, who are excluded from the refund?

The credit of the reimbursement of cashback due to those who have registered for the Program. However, in all likelihood not everyone will receive the refund directly to their current account: who is likely to stay excluding?

Known as the “crafty ones” of cashback, these are those citizens who have implemented improper behavior, splitting payments into many micro operations.

Who risks not having the cashback refund?

After hearings, interrogations and risks of cancellation of the measure, the MEF has taken measures regarding cashback: those who have behaved badly in the last six months are at risk of losing the refund.

Who has split payments in many small operations, with the aim of climbing the super cashback ranking, he received a message on the IO app in which it was reported that some transactions are suspicious.

In order not to undergo the cancellation of these operations (thus losing both the amount of the refund of 10% of the transaction, and the place in the ranking) you must fill out an online form within 7 days of receiving the message and make a complaint.

Excluded from the cashback refund but no penalties

The MEF focuses on recurring and low-value transactions carried out with the same merchant and on the same day.

For the reimbursement of the state cashback we remind you that they are necessary 50 traceable payments made with means registered in the Program.

Finally, let us remember who will come excluded from refunds cashback, and also from the super cashback ranking (in which the first 100,000 citizens will receive a prize of 1,500 euros), will not meet no sanction pecuniary.

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