Stellantis runs with good news. Target goes up: how much is it worth?

Stellantis runs with good news. Target goes up: how much is it worth?
Stellantis runs with good news. Target goes up: how much is it worth?

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June 21, 17:04

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by Davide Pantaleo


Stellantis Ftse Eb

Stellantis stands out on the Ftse Mib and recovers the sharp decline of last Friday, supported by the statements of a manager and more.

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Less than an hour after the close of today’s trading, the Stellantis session continues to rise sharply after last Friday’s decline, achieving the best performance among the blue chips.

Stellantis takes flight on the Ftse Mib

The stock, fresh from a decline of almost 3% accused in the last session of last week, initially lost ground today and then started a strong recovery.

Stellantis eliminated the initial losses and changed direction, gradually accelerating his pace, so as to conquer the first position in the basket of the Ftse Mib.

In the last few minutes, the stock is at € 17.018, not far from the top intraday, with a 3.36% rally and over 8.3 million shares traded so far, against the average of the last 30 days of about 13 millions.

Stellantis: focus on the Aramis listing

Stellantis ends up under the lens after the listing of Aramis, a company that deals with the sale of used cars online, currently operating in France, Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom, took place last Friday.

Aramis landed on the stock exchange at 23 euros per share, the lower end of the 23-28 euros price range and last Friday, on the first day of listing, the stock lost about 1%.

By incorporating the valuation of 60.6% held by Stellantis at market prices, compared to the book value at which Equita SIM analysts previously valued it), the positive impact on the valuation is approximately € 0.4 per share.

Stellantis: Equita SIM raises target price. Upside by about 20% now

In light of this, the Milanese SIM has decided to confirm the “buy” recommendation on Stellantis, with a target price raised by 2% to 20.4 euros, a value that implies an upside potential of about 20% compared to current prices at Business Square.

Stellantis: Bestinver confirms the buy. Focus on the words of COO Filosa

Bestinver is also betting on the stock, which today reiterated the “buy” rating, with a target price under review.

Analysts draw attention to the statements of Antonio Filosa, COO of Stellantis for Latin America, who revealed a reasonable optimism on the sales trend of the entire auto sector in 2021 in Brazil.

Bestinver recalls that the carioca market faces a series of obstacles that go beyond the pandemic.

The reference is primarily to the scarcity of microchips and semiconductors, but also inflation.

Experts believe that if Brazil manages to cope well with these problems, then the auto market will be able to return to pre-Covid levels in 2022.

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Stellantis runs good news Target worth

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