Andrea Scanzi dedicates The lunge to Mario Draghi: “All the errors of the press point after the Astrazeneca disaster”

After the episode dedicated to Gianfranco Fini, Andrea Scanzi dedicate The lunge – the directory in mode video-selfie, available every Tuesday its TVLoft starting at eight – to the prime minister Mario Draghi that, after waiting many, too many, days since Astrazeneca chaos, organizes a so-called ‘press point’ (because the press conference is no longer in fashion) and despite the confusion that follows, almost all the media outlets praise him as savior of the homeland together with the Commissioner Son.

‘The lunge’ is a format created by Loft Productions for the TvLoft website and app as well as for the smart TV, available online every Tuesday from eight.

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Andrea Scanzi dedicates lunge Mario Draghi errors press point Astrazeneca disaster

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