No vax health workers, the first warned in Liguria

No vax health workers, the first warned in Liguria
No vax health workers, the first warned in Liguria

Healthcare professionals no vax, there is a first black-list. Liguria begins the procedure that will lead to the suspension of those who admitted not wanting to be vaccinated: 22 out of 6340 subjects received the registered mail at home, but the screening is still long because at least 1500 positions have yet to be examined. The vaccination campaign that this week could bring news on the topic of doses to tourists with a technical meeting between the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti and that of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio, on the definition of the platform on which the requests will be recorded, runs in parallel with anti-alcohol: taking advantage of vaccinations for young people, ASL3 will distribute 10,000 brochures to families in the hub of the Fair for the age group over 12 on five topics: alcohol, drugs, obesity, sexually transmitted diseases and dangers social media.

No vax.

After having asked the professional associations, hospitals and RSAs for the names of all doctors and nurses, and after having warned them of the consequences they would encounter by not getting vaccinated, ASL 3 began the first procedures provided for in the decree that introduced the vaccination obligation, approved by the Council of Ministers on 1 April, which may include a change of duties (better demotion) in order not to be in contact with patients or the suspension of pay until 31 December 2021. “Of the 6340 recommended that we sent – explains the health director of ASL 3, Marta Caltabellotta – we received feedback for 6085. Of these, 514 filled out the form through which they were called to explain the reason for their absence in the lists and responded by attaching a certificate from the their own doctor who exempts them for health reasons incompatible with vaccination. For 367 we are awaiting documentation, while 221 have not collected the registered letter and we will send another notice. The certain fact, at the moment, is that there are 22 who have refused the vaccination, but we still have to check more than a thousand documents that we will send to Alisa ». The process is quite long, for privacy reasons it is the occupational doctor, informed via Pec, who will then have to contact the respective ASL for the measures, but at least good news arrives on this front. “The operators, doctors and nurses, who accepted the first dose – explains the general manager of ASL3, Luigi Bottaro – are 1332, while those who will have to take the second are 1910”.

Young people

The project is part of the “Education for correct lifestyles” initiative which has been going on for some years and which was interrupted with the arrival of Covid and which involved schools. A program conceived by ASL3, in which, for example, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and experts from various sectors (such as Giancarlo Icardi, director of Hygiene of the University) also took part with videos that warn young people and give advice on the topic of prevention . “The idea of ​​disseminating this manual in the hubs – explains Gianni Testino, head of the Regional Alcohol Center and the Complex Structure of Addiction Pathology, who conceived the project with Luigi Bottaro and Patrizia Balbinot – comes to us because the data we have is disheartening: 50% of children under 18 drink or use drugs ».
The min-hubs. With the closure of that of the Fair due to the Nautical route, ASL3 is looking for new points to use in the coming months. “We have had three offers, within the week we will view the properties and decide on the basis of the requirements”.

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