Non-repayable contributions: bank transfers stalled

The automatic transfers to the beneficiaries of the non-repayable contribution of the Sostegni bis Decree have not started: the announced date passed in silence.

I am still fermi i non-repayable contributions from Sostegni bis: apparently, the official accreditations to the beneficiaries of the first Dl Sostegni have not started. The advances of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, they gave for certain the date of June 16 for the start of automatic transfers and instead everything is silent. No official communications arrive from the Revenue Agency, nor at this point is the date of June 23 to be credited as the one scheduled for the start of applications for the alternative contribution, ie the one calibrated on the loss of turnover in the last 12 months.

In short, an embarrassing institutional silence which leaves a huge audience of aspiring beneficiaries displaced, waiting for clarifications and certain dates. Yet the crediting procedure had to be simple, precisely because it was decided to make the payments on the same IBANs of the previous beneficiaries: it is not clear where the hitch is. But in fact the payments do not seem to have started: he would have given notice anyway MEF, keeping track of the staggering and the resources distributed. Instead nothing. Nor are there official updates in the section dedicated to the grant on the website of theRevenue Agency.

At this point it seems necessary not only to provide a clarification (and one right date) on automatic transfers, but also to provide a roadmap for opening the application procedures relating to the second contribution, an alternative to the credit calculated on the basis of the parameters of the previous Support Decree (possibly with an adjustment amount). Passed in silence on June 16, June 23 is also almost upon us. It seems obvious that something did not go according to forecasts and that the announcement at the press conference by the Minister, with the two specific dates indicated several times during the speech, were not based on definitive bases.

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Nonrepayable contributions bank transfers stalled

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