A walk to be reborn: this is how Manuela Di Centa sees the relaunch of the country

A walk to be reborn: this is how Manuela Di Centa sees the relaunch of the country
A walk to be reborn: this is how Manuela Di Centa sees the relaunch of the country
“I am walking in the magnificent banished forest of Timau, we hope that the network holds”, thus answers the call the Olympian Manuela Di Centa, originally from Paluzza and still deeply connected to our territory. Seven times Olympic medalist in Nordic skiing and former parliamentarian, Di Centa is very active in promoting grassroots sport: non-competitive activity, accessible to all and capable of bringing enormous benefits. We accompanied her for part of her walk, during which she presented us the latest, ambitious project she helped build for Sport e Salute spa: X-Corsi.

Not surprisingly, the project is aimed at promoting walking as a tool for well-being, exploiting the “viral” potential offered by social media.

What is it about and how did this project come about?«The initiative is the result of my past, of my memories of life in Finland and Norway, places where people have a more“ outdoors ”way of approaching movement, closer to nature, in the open air. The idea is to make people want to move, and to spread awareness of the benefits that come from walking, wearing the right shoes, comfortable clothes to move freely, and maybe grabbing sticks for Nordic walking. .

It can be done despite the restrictions. Not everyone will be lucky enough to be able to do it in the woods, but the benefits are also in the city. The goal is to involve everyone a little, from people who may have never approached sport, to young people who find it difficult to leave the house in this period, or those who do not play sports because the gyms are closed. Exercising makes the body feel better, but at the same time it also affects mood, gives a higher quality of life ».

Get back on the road to start again, in short …

«Exactly: moving physically is a way to prepare for the relaunch of the country. Walking you start from one place and arrive at another, you activate – in fact – paths. It is a message of rebirth, of hope, which goes well with the Easter period. An initiative that is part of a larger project … ».

Explain to us.

«It is part of Legend, a project that brings together about fifty great sports personalities who are no longer in competitive activity. These “retired” champions, the Legends, are protagonists who want to make a contribution in this dramatic moment for our country. In November, at the inauguration of the project, with Carolina Morace, Marco Tardelli, Nicola Pietrangeli and Massimiliano Rosolino we were received by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. He complimented; he said that the project is precious because we make our winning story available to everyone, passing on the message of hope and resilience contained in sport ».

When will X-Corsi start and how can you get involved?

«The first event will be held on 10 April. We will be in Rome, with a small team of Legends. We will have a symbolic goal: a walk from the Foro Italico to the Quirinale. Given the restrictions, you participate via social networks. There will also be television. We hope that in seeing the initiative more and more people will want to find a way to feel good in this very simple gesture. It is a content if we want elementary but of primary importance: starting to walk, each according to their possibilities, means dedicating a space of the day to wellness. There will be events located in several cities, from North to South, to spread the values ​​of the project to the maximum ».

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