European Union, the resolution on LPG arrives: here are the advantages.

The European Union has deliberated in favor of the combination of the mild hybrid system and methane or LPG cars.
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The green light that all car manufacturers have been waiting for has finally arrived. The European Unionin fact, it resolved in favor of the coupling between the mild hybrid system and methane or LPG cars. This is a definitely historic step in the European car market.

With this provision, in fact, it is going to fill up a dangerous regulatory vacuum, also giving to gas models the possibility of having the same benefits as electric and hybrid models. The CO2 emission system can now also be recognized for cars with methane or LPG.

All this, of course, goes towards the new model of mobility which is settling in Europe, and that mainly looks lowering emissions. So, you always look at the goal of the 2050, that of achieving the carbon neutrality.

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Mild Hybrid, innovation will grow with the EU resolution

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With the arrival of the resolution by the European Union on the award system regarding low CO2 emissions, there will be one new technological push given by the mild hybrid. In fact, the combination of technologies between gas fuels and electric / hybrid engines, will lead to innovations for the entire automotive industry.

In ItalyFurthermore, we are very far ahead in this area and therefore can only improve after the EU decision. Furthermore, sales will benefit as well, in a market already revolutionized by pandemic and in which the electric and the green are the masters.

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Still, the resolution will also allow to receive tax advantages more on the purchase of recently registered cars, above all euro 4 and euro 5. All this will lead, it is estimated, to the possible reduction of over 7 tons of CO2 emissions produced.

The resolution of the European Union, therefore, it is a big step forward for everyone. Both for i car manufacturers which will increase technological innovation, both for the drivers who want to buy CNG and LPG cars.

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