Horwin presents the new EK3 electric scooter with removable batteries

Horwin presents the new EK3 electric scooter with removable batteries
Horwin presents the new EK3 electric scooter with removable batteries
Horwin presents a new 2-wheeled vehicle. This is an electric scooter. His name is EK3. Size and power supply are suitable for everyday urban use. The power of EK3 is 6.2 Kw and its maximum speed reaches i 95 km/h. The driving pleasure, however, lies in its generous sprint, precious in city traffic.

In this beginning of 2021 each category of electric-powered vehicles is growing. For example, the sale of e-bikes in Italy rose by 44% in 2020, also due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has changed many of our habits. Scooters are no exception, as demonstrated by the recent arrival in our country of the Chinese giant Sunra. The new Horwin EK3 this is how it tries to have its say in a lively sector, through, first of all, its design characterized by rounded lines, enhanced by the bright liveries.

As for the security content, it is scooter with zero emissions, it is equipped with high-tech systems. These include the combined CBS braking, the LED lights, the delay function in the switching off of the lights, the keyless go, the touch-start display, the cruise control, reverse gear, anti-theft alarm device and puncture-proof tires.

The new EK3 electric scooter from the Austrian company Horwin

In the face of these equipment, all standard, the EK3 boasts limited running costs. The engine developed by the Austrian company has, as mentioned, a power of 6,2 Kw which guarantees acceleration up to 60 km/h in 6 seconds. As a battery-powered vehicle, it has torque that is activated as soon as the throttle is turned. Delivery is constant, ensuring smooth operation.

The drive unit also conserves energy consumption through the control system FIRE (Field Oriented Control). This is the heart that gives life to the scooter, capable of recognizing driving conditions and controlling power management based on them. During the braking phases, the EK3 recovers the charge of the 2 battery easily refillable and removable. The market of the ‘lighter’ 2 wheels thus expands thanks to the presence of less popular brands, which try, with vehicles with an original style and above all to zero emissions, to beat the competition of the most noble houses.

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