A race away from the spotlight: Mille Miglia vip for the Elkanns

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Mille Miglia as a VIP. Few contacts with the public, intense dialogues with the staff who follow them like a shadow. And sharing with the other crews reduced to a flicker. Race photograph of John Elkann and Lavinia Borromeo, companions in life and aboard their Alfa with a 300 stamp. The number that enthusiasts chase and wait for, sometimes being disappointed. As happened upon the arrival of stop in Viareggio, where an assistant was driving the car: “The doctor is already in the hotel.”

Small break from the rule yesterday in the lunch stop in Castiglione della Pescaia: the CEO of Exor parks in front of the awning and is surrounded, albeit at a distance, by onlookers, journalists and tourists. “John, John,” the people call as if addressing the neighbor’s umbrella. He, a strong man of the Agnelli family, does not break down.

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