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June 17, 2021 8:05 pm

Two city hubs for the administration of the first doses of Covid vaccines, those set up at the Fagianeria del Real Bosco di Capodimonte and at the Madre Museum, will be closed on Friday as there are not a high number of adhesions to Naples.

The general manager of the ANSA took stock of the situationAsl Napoli 1 Center, Ciro Verdoliva: “On Friday we keep the hubs of Pheasant and the Mother Museum closed. Not because there are no vaccines, but because there are no people to vaccinate. We are just over 60% of the vaccinated population but the others do not adhere“.

We had 10, even 12,000 subscriptions a day, now we are at 2-300 on average, we never reach a thousand – continued Verdoliva -. Yet we have made many appeals because 60% is not a quantity that guarantees us herd immunity in the city. There is a slice of the people who joined that we called even 4 times and they never showed up. We are completely stopped on the first doses and we just have to continue to rely on the sense of responsibility of the people of Naples to believe in the vaccination campaign“.

The vaccination hubs at the Mostra d’Oltremare and in Capodichino at the Atitech hangar for Pfizer second doses will remain regularly open on Friday, while at the Maritime Station there will be 1200 summoned between 12 and 59 years, the result of adhesions in recent days, with 200 people of special categories who have recently registered. In any case, ASL Napoli 1 guarantees that it will keep the centers open in the hope of new arrivals and will launch new open days.

Vaccinations, the numbers in Campania

Overall, 3,077,147 citizens of Campania were vaccinated with the first dose. Of these, 1,186,689 received the second dose. The administrations carried out were, in total, 4,263,836. These are the numbers of the vaccination campaign in our region updated at 17.00 on 17 June.


nowadays daily memberships

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