The government website to obtain the Green pass is online. Here’s how it works

The address is not exactly easy to reach: By clicking on it, however, it is possible to obtain the Green pass, the certification that certifies the negativity to Coronavirus and therefore allows you to circulate freely. The portal was announced in the previous months but only became active today. The graphics of the portal are similar to those of Immuni, without the gender stereotypes on which there have been several controversies. The ways to obtain the Green pass through the site are varied but all lead to a single goal: a Qr code recognized in the European Union with which it is certified that it is not a threat to new outbreaks of epidemics.

How to log in

There are three ways to enter the government portal: you can use the Spid profile, you can use the Cie (electronic identity card) or you can simply enter the data of your health card. With these documents it is possible to obtain the Green pass if you have received the complete course of immunization, first and second dose. If, on the other hand, you are still waiting for the last dose (or both) to obtain the certification, it is necessary to have a certificate of negativity or healing, with the molecular buffer or with the antigenic one. The Green pass will be recognized throughout Europe starting from July 1st.

Which data must be entered

The easiest way is through the health card and vaccination. If the vaccination cycle has ended, just enter the last 8 digits of the health card and the code that arrives via text message once the second dose has been received. At this point the QR code will be generated automatically. To receive this certification by passing through the swabs, it will be necessary to enter the code obtained together with the result of the swab. Ditto for the certificate of recovery.

Immune and app IO

According to the government portal, it is also possible to download the Green pass directly on the Immuni app, once the latest update has been downloaded. Before long, the Green pass should also be visible on the App IO, the application managed by the Ministry of Public Administration. Net of all these digital systems, there is also a paper way to obtain the Green pass. Those who cannot access the internet and want to obtain certification will have to go to their general practitioner, to the pediatrician of free choice or to the pharmacy.


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