Food recall, a batch of pesto withdrawn: the press release

Lot of fresh Genoese pesto without garlic withdrawn from the market due to microbiological safety risk


Consumer attention: a batch of Genoese pesto was withdrawn from the market due to a microbiological safety risk of one batch.

Specifically, it is a batch of fresh Genoese pesto without garlic under the Pastificio Novella brand. The collection took place from the shelves of Esselunga and other supermarkets. The withdrawal was decided by long S because the lot is “not compliant with the food safety criteria of Reg. 2073/05”.

The packages affected by the provision are those of 130 grams, with the number of lot L171 and the expiry date 19/06/2021.

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Pesto withdrawn, here’s what to do if you bought it


According to what was published by the Ministry of Health, the recalled batch was produced by Novella Sas pasta factory, in the factory in via Caorsi 6, in Sori, in the metropolitan city of Genoa. The factory / manufacturer identification mark is: CE IT V7J8P.

All consumers who have purchased it are invited to return the product to the point of sale. The Ministry of Health recommends not consuming pesto with the expiry date and batch number indicated. For further information, please contact the manufacturer on 0185 700812 if necessary.

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“Pesto Genovese is made according to the historical recipe of Novella with Genoese basil PDO is the condiment par excellence for trofie but it can be combined with many pasta shapes, such as gnocchi and trenette avvantaggê. All recipes exclude additives and antioxidants, this characteristic that distinguishes us affects the shelf life of the product itself, so we have chosen to also indicate the production date on each jar “ – this is the description of the product on the Esselunga website.


Food recall batch pesto withdrawn press release

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