Receipt lottery, weekly draw on June 17, 2021: the winning tickets

The receipt lottery comes to second draw week, that of today, June 17, 2021.

Again to publish the list of winning tickets will be the profile Twitter officer of the Monopoly and Customs Agency.

For the second time, the post is published after the canonical hour of 13.00, which had characterized the monthly draws.

However i ticket codes are reported in the appropriate downloadable document from the lottery portal.

As for the last appointment, up for grabs 15 prizes of 25,000 euros for buyers and from 5.000 euro for merchants.

Plus others 25 prizes of 10,000 euros for those who buy e 2.000 euro for those who sell.

The first four dates were those of 11 March, 8 April, 13 May 2021 and 10 June.

Today, June 17, 2021, is the second of the weekly draws that will continue without interruption.

As with the other draws, the taxpayers who participated and win the prize will receive aemail per certified mail, PEC, or one registered mail.

Within 90 days they will have to claim the prize won, to avoid losing it.

Receipt lottery, weekly draw on June 17, 2021: the winning tickets

The management of the lottery drawings of the receipts is theCustoms agency.

The winning tickets were posted at 3.30pm from the account Twitter official of the Agency, after the usual time of 13.00.

I codes to check to know the winning tickets and understand who are the taxpayers who have won the prizes at stake in the first weekly draw of the lottery receipts are those indicated in the specific document that can be downloaded from the lottery portal.

Customs and Monopoly Agency – Lottery bulletin of receipts of 17 June 2021
The codes of the 40 winning tickets of the second weekly lottery drawing of receipts.

Specifically, i winning tickets are the following:

  • 0976-0035 53SNS300667 00300015;
  • 0691-0051 3BSDP001044 04460009;
  • 0631-0002 53SNS301774 00060031;
  • 0756-0078 53SNS303183 02890001;
  • 0226-0020 88S25000917 45702073;
  • 0603-0178 96MKR006645;
  • 0620-0040 99MEY034735;
  • 1353-0116 53MN2012036;
  • 0922-0034 99SEA001841 00210003;
  • 0872-0008 72MU1024611;
  • 1066-0058 53SNS300990 03160082;
  • 0742-0041 88I24008620;
  • 0565-0357 99MEY054202;
  • 0922-0066 88S25000496 80490005;
  • 1117-0033 96MBD009771;
  • 0433-0051 53SNS303865 11670007;
  • 0777-0247 53SNS303171 20200017;
  • 0805-0130 99MEX035306;
  • 0088-0091 99IEC003694;
  • 1327-0080 99MEX019354;
  • 0961-0040 99SEA001817 05500003;
  • 0358-0187 99IEB001982;
  • 0562-0257 99MEX090275;
  • 0734-0170 99MEX039664;
  • 0714-0100 88I24001194;
  • 0649-0185 88I24015028;
  • 0394-0087 96MKR015312;
  • 0128-0002 72MU4023226;
  • 0233-0229 96MKR013642;
  • 0674-0239 99SEA003967 37670005;
  • 0991-0067 53SNS300593 00450018;
  • 1002-0155 53SNS300801 20290020;
  • 0535-0220 3BSDP001331 20610001;
  • 0671-0090 99MEY045772;
  • 0583-0182 8AMTN011840;
  • 0385-0003 53SNS300357 11010046;
  • 0765-0271 99MEY037392;
  • 0497-0002 4CEDM012653;
  • 0646-0044 99MEY045176;
  • 0967-0026 53SNS301700 05700005.

The appointment calendar: the first monthly draw of the State raffle was held on Thursday 11 March 2021, the second monthly draw on 8 April, the third on 13 May 2021.

In June the weekly draws have also begun and the prizes to be won have increased, as explained by the Customs and Monopolies Agency in the determination of 28 May last.

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The weekly draws continue, as the Agency had announced:

“Thursday 10 June 2021 the date of the first weekly draws of 2021 among all the fees transmitted and registered by the lottery system from 31 May 2021 to 6 June 2021 by 11:59 pm. Starting from that date, weekly draws will be made every Thursday, for all receipts transmitted and registered by the lottery system from Monday to Sunday, up to 11:59 pm, of the previous week. If the drawing day coincides with a national holiday, the drawing is postponed to the next working day. “

To determine how you can check which are the winning tickets is the Determination of Customs.

A number identifies the ticket virtual. The sequences of figures referring to the extracted tickets will be published.

In some cases theextraction is considered nothing e to repeat, in particular if the ticket extracted:

  • it is associated with a consideration already winning during the same draw;
  • it is associated with a consideration referring to a lottery code of a person not resident in Italy on the date of purchase of the goods and services;
  • it is associated with a canceled or returned fee;
  • it is associated with a fee referring to a lottery code for which the consumer has exercised the right to object to the processing of data or to delete data.

In Lottery Portal the results of previous extractions are present. However, the lottery code relating to the owner of the extracted tickets is not published.

The winnings are communicated in thereserved area of ​​the site.

2021 receipt lottery: the calendar of the next draws and how to participate

Who has not yet participated in the lottery of the receipts in the first appointments, he can still participate in the draws still on the calendar.

The first step for participation is to have your own lottery code, a sequence of numbers and letters that is attributed by entering your own fiscal Code in the appropriate section of the receipt lottery website.

They must then be carried out valid purchases from physical merchants, in the period indicated for each vote.

There are monthly draws every second Thursday of the month and, starting with today’s draw, also the weekly ones.

The date ofannual draw has not yet been fixed.

The complete calendar of the draws can be downloaded from the portal of the Customs and Monopoly Agency.

Starting with the draw on 12 August, they will be added 5 maxi prizes of 150.000 euro each for those who buy e 5 maxi prizes of 30,000 euros each for those who sell.

The summary table reports all appointments with the expected receipt lottery drawings scheduled for 2021.

Type of extraction Data
monthly 2021 Thursday 11 March
monthly 2021 Thursday 8 April
monthly 2021 Thursday 13 May
monthly 2021 Thursday 10 June
monthly 2021 Thursday 8 July
monthly 2021 Thursday 12 August
monthly 2021 Thursday 9 September
monthly 2021 Thursday 14 October
monthly 2021 Thursday 11 November
monthly 2021 Thursday 9 December
weekly 2021 Thursday 10 June
weekly 2021 Thursday 17 June
weekly 2021 Thursday 24 June
weekly 2021 Thursday 1 July
weekly 2021 Thursday 8 July
weekly 2021 Thursday 15 July
weekly 2021 Thursday 22 July
weekly 2021 Thursday 29 July
weekly 2021 Thursday 5th August
weekly 2021 Thursday 12 August
weekly 2021 Thursday 19 August
weekly 2021 Thursday 26 August
weekly 2021 Thursday 2 September
weekly 2021 Thursday 9 September
weekly 2021 Thursday 16 September
weekly 2021 Thursday 23 September
weekly 2021 Thursday 30 September
weekly 2021 Thursday 7 October
weekly 2021 Thursday 14 October
weekly 2021 Thursday 21 October
weekly 2021 Thursday 28 October
weekly 2021 Thursday 4th November
weekly 2021 Thursday 11 November
weekly 2021 Thursday 18 November
weekly 2021 Thursday 25 November
weekly 2021 Thursday 2 December
weekly 2021 Thursday 9 December
weekly 2021 Thursday 16 December
weekly 2021 Thursday 23 December
weekly 2021 Thursday 30 December

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