our 1000 km marathon (chasing columns) – Corriere.it

our 1000 km marathon (chasing columns) – Corriere.it
our 1000 km marathon (chasing columns) – Corriere.it

Postcard from Siena: parade of electric cars in Piazza del Campo. Fans, simple onlookers and passing tourists crowded around the latest discoveries of full electric technology. Even a Japanese journalist, who has been in Italy for 25 years as a correspondent for one of the main Japanese national newspapers, captures the spectacle enraptured. The silent call of electric cars made a lot of noise indeed. The E-Raid will restart a few hours later in the direction of Pietrasanta, the final goal of a thousand-kilometer marathon between Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. A zero-impact, non-competitive tour – the only rule, to leave the cars with an autonomy of at least 40% at the end of each day – which started from a symbolic place of world motoring: the Monza racetrack. A unique emotion lining up on the finish line, simulating the start of a Grand Prix, tackling the first variant, the curves of Lesmo, the Ascari, the Parabolica.

At the wheel of a Kia e-Niro, with a 64kw, 204cv battery and an estimated range of 455 kilometers, we leave the circuit focusing on Parma the roadbook provided by the organizers. The excellent Kia powertrain allows us to point directly to the Enel X fast column of the Fidenza Village, tackling stretches of motorways, country roads, state roads, ups and downs (few) and overtaking (many) without particular problems. Other crews, however, had the same idea as us. So, in order to avoid crowding and gatherings, we opt for another column, in the city center, a few steps from the beautiful Romanesque cathedral of San Donnino Martire. The on-board charger (11kw) allows us to recharge what is necessary to leave and deliver the car upon arrival of the first stage – concluded after 183 kilometers – with 40% required.

And it was evening and morning, the second day. A day started in the Dallara headquarters in Varano de ‘Melegari. Thomas Biagi, GT world champion in 2003, remembers with a touch of nostalgia the times when, in the mid-nineties, he raced in Formula 3 with a Dallara. In the museum there are cars that have made motorsport history: the F380 that won the Italian F3 championship in 1980. The IR7 that, in 1998, won the Indianapolis 500. The SP2 first at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2002. In addition to the Dallara Stradale, without doors, presented on November 16, 2016, the eightieth birthday of the founder Gianpaolo Dallara. From there – after a look at the simulator, developed together with Ferrari, and a quick passage in the wind tunnel – we head towards Pistoia, on an Opel Mokka-e with a 50kw battery, 136hp and 324 kilometers of estimated range. An obligatory (long) stop in Berceto, after just over 40 kilometers, not without a minimum of apprehension to be able to reach the column before the car runs out of energy. On the descent towards Maranello, on the other hand, we have the opportunity to test the peculiarity of the electric, using the software that allows you to recharge the battery under braking. Another recharge (this time fast) at the columns of the Ferrari museum and, to save some time, we decide to deviate slightly from the original route and reach Pistoia using the motorway.

The central Piazza del Duomo welcomes us in all its magnificence. Waiting for us, in the churchyard, the councilor for tourism, Alessandro Sabella. Before a well-deserved rest, however, one last, quick recharge is needed: the 133 kilometers of motorway, after all, consumed more than 50% of charge. And it was evening and morning, the third day. Travel companion of my last stop at the E-Raid the BMW iX3 with 80kw, 286hp and 4 battery59 kilometers of estimated range. the most suggestive stage. Arezzo, Chianti, Montepulciano, Pienza (the ideal city) and the Val d’Orcia. A fast recharge in Figline Valdarno and then off, to enjoy the beauties of Arezzo, the endless hills of Chiantishire, the vineyards of Montalcino and the rows of unmistakable cypresses of the Val d’Orcia. We are calm, we have enough autonomy to reach the finish line of the day without having to foresee other pit stops, if not for a cultural stop (with snack) in Pienza, whose historic center, not surprisingly, is a Unesco heritage. Last curves, last accelerations, last ups and downs before the final parade in Piazza del Campo. After 268 kilometers, our BMW still has more than 45% autonomy.

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