here are the exemptions to say goodbye to the automobile tax

The exemptions from the payment of the car tax are activated when the car exceeds thirty years of age. Is this principle valid for all Italian regions?


The car tax it is a tax that is part of regional and local taxation. It is a tax that the motorist, albeit reluctantly, must pay once a year, under penalty of penalties. Although the request for abolition is continuous, to date those who own a car will have to proceed with the payment of the amount due except in one case. We are talking about the possession of a vehicle of more than thirty years of age. But, given the regional tax system, some regions could decide differently, generating confusion and unhappiness.

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The rules on the region-by-region stamp

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Car tax exemptions are provided for thirty-year-old vehicles or more or for cars with a Certificate of Historical Relevance. The tax, then, may not be paid only if the vehicle is not used for professional activities or for carrying out business activities, arts or professions.

Although theoretically after the age of thirty the payment should not take place, it is advisable to proceed with the registration of the car or motorbike to a club and then proceed with the inclusion in the Register of Historic Cars. In addition, it is essential to verify that the regional legislation does not indicate the need to fulfill other duties. Some regions, in fact, replace the car tax with one road tax from the lowest amount.

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Other regional directives

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Until recently, some regions provided special arrangements (including exemptions) for cars between the ages of 20 and 29. Today, only some regions offer the possibility of not paying the car tax provided that you have a CRS issued by the ASI federated centers. The others provide a maximum discount included from 10 al 50%.

Valle d’Aosta replaces the car tax for vehicles over thirty years old with a road tax equal to 25,82 euro for cars and € 10.33 for motor vehicles. Same amount for Friuli Venezia Giulia which, however, adds the 50% discount for twenty-year vehicles. In Lombardy, cars and motorbikes over twenty years of age benefit from tax breaks equal to 30 and 20 euros respectively. Those thirty years have the exemption granted.

Piedmont adopts a circulation tax for thirty-year vehicles as does the Liguria region but only if cars or motorcycles they are on the road. Exemption for vehicles over thirty years and concessions for over twenty years are provided in Emilia Romagna. Veneto grants a circulation tax; Trento adopts the exemption for thirty-year cars and motorcycles while Bolzano provides full exemption for vehicles from 20 years of age.

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The decisions of central and southern Italy

In the Lazio Region there is the circulation tax for vehicles over 30 years old and a discount of 10% for cars and motorcycles over twenty years as well as Tuscany (the discount can reach 50% with CRS); the Marches adopt a circulation tax; Umbria exempts all vehicles aged 30 or more and Abruzzo imposes a high road tax of 31,24 euro.

Exemptions for thirty years and concessions for over twenty years are granted in Basilicata (50 euros or 100 euros depending on the engine capacity) while in Campania there is the 50% reduction for cars over 20 years old. Molise has imposed a circulation tax of 28 euros for cars and 11 euros for motorcycles and Calabria has only accepted the total exemption after the age of thirty. In Puglia the road tax is 30 or 20 euros depending on the vehicle, while in Sardinia and Sicily there is a road tax only if the vehicle is over thirty years old on the public road.

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