how to earn 1500 euros in just 15 days

how to earn 1500 euros in just 15 days
how to earn 1500 euros in just 15 days

The initiative comes to an end and in the last few days available users try to snatch the most coveted prize.

Cashback (Adobe)

There we are on cashback is about to close its doors. The initiative strongly desired by the Conte government is about to end, in its first part. From the June 30th onwards, or rather from 1 July it will pass with the final semester of the initiative. It is not yet known if everything will be confirmed next year, many of them controversy related to the operation, as well as many of the benefits for customers and sellers in these six months that are about to end.

Buying goods e services by credit card or debit card it has now become customary and in some ways we have learned in part to give up money, clearly we always talk about situations in which this is possible. In the past six months, therefore the citizens have partly understood that you can give up money, what in practice the Conte government asked, to give a decisive push to the evasion tax, greatly reducing the circulation of cash.

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Cashback, 1500 euros in 15 days: it’s a mad rush to the last valid operation

The Italians in the latter days valid to successfully complete the first semesters of cashback are mostly looking for the last feasible operations to reach either the 50 useful for obtaining a refund of 10% of the amount spent, or the right number to reach the top 100 thousand in Italy and then access the super bonus of 1500 euros. The super bonus is the one that actually guided thousands of crafty swindlers into bogus operations to increase the number of transactions.

Has been valued that in order to reach the first 100 thousand positions among the users participating in the competition, a total of 630 operations should be useful. In theory, therefore, to achieve the super cashback in the last 15 remaining days one could think of trying to conclude more than 630 transactions. About 42 movements a day to get to the end of the month with 1500 in your pocket. A somewhat crazy reflection perhaps, bordering on the realistic, but scientifically valid.

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Still few days, then and then everything will be reset, everything will start from scratch. Cashback has now entered the habits of Italians and it could remain there for a very long time considering the advantages it can bring both to citizens, buyers, and to citizens sellers. In short, a good initiative that many they hope be re-proposed for many years to come.

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