A national hub for batteries: The government sets the tone

A national hub for batteries: The government sets the tone
A national hub for batteries: The government sets the tone

The first confirmations to the rumors circulated in recent days arrive. The Italian government is looking for the necessary investments aimed at the construction of a large one industrial center dedicated to batteries for electric cars, equal to approximately one billion euros, as envisaged by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

“We are working to create a national pole for the production of accumulators that will allow us to integrate into the European supply chain in order to make ourselves more competitive and autonomous”, says Roberto Cingolani, new minister for the ecological transition, on the sidelines of an online conference on mobility. The former director of the Italian Institute of Technology, however, has not yet illustrated in detail the details of this work plan which, according to reports from unofficial sources, would focus on a partnership between public and private with Stellantis.

The Italian government would be studying the construction of an industrial center for the construction of electric accumulators.

Cingolani has also specified his point of view on the electric car, although in the past he has received a lot of criticism due to his strong skepticism towards vehicles with this type of engine. The intentions of the minister are those of use a pragmatic approach with several factors. “We must take into consideration that the ecological transition is not a quick process: it takes at least ten years to achieve it”, specified the head of the department, indicating that in our country “13 million Euro 0 vehicles are still circulating and we cannot intimidate families ‘buy all Tesla’ ”.

“Even if we all already had electric cars, we wouldn’t know where to recharge them. Our goal is to cut CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030, which requires an eye for the future ”, specified Cingolani. “We must continue with theelectrification of the car fleet – he continued – thus making the hydrogen car sector take off. Unfortunately, the PNRR is not the only issue: for example, we see too many cars circulating only with the driver. And this is a cultural problem to be solved ”, concludes the minister.

Finally, the idea of ​​one returns stop at registrations to diesel and petrol cars. While Spain and the United Kingdom have already established the entry into force of this provision by 2030, Italy has not yet taken a definitive position “so we are discussing it with colleague Cingolani”, explained the minister for economic development, Enrico Giovannini. .


national hub batteries government sets tone

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