April decree, the government prepares the new support plan: here are the beneficiaries

April decree, the government prepares the new support plan: here are the beneficiaries
April decree, the government prepares the new support plan: here are the beneficiaries

From non-repayable contributions to various extensions: the government is preparing for a new budget shift for a decree of additional support.

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The promise of a new fiscal shift should soon become a reality. The horizon set by Prime Minister Mario Draghi for a new tranche of aid to workers is precisely the month of April, ready to bring a new decree as a dowry which will bring further support to businesses and families in economic difficulty due to the pandemic. With a new policy this time, providing targeted aid rather than contributions in the “rain” mode towards which the former president of the ECB had never shown himself enthusiastic. There is still no certainty about the figures and dates, but the deadline seems certain: by April, the new allocations should be made.

In reality, there is already a half deadline: the new budget variance, in fact, at least according to forecasts should be presented in correspondence with the Economic and Financial Document (Def), which will go to Parliament no later than April 10th. Even if, probably, you can go a little further considering the variable of the Recovery Plan (whose drafting will probably arrive by the end of the month). No figures, it was said, but a rough draft: 30 billion euros for the new tranche.

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April Decree, new supports ready:

Reasoning on this hypothesis, the government is preparing to arrange new measures to support the professional categories affected by the crisis. Also on this point it will be necessary to wait a few days but, roughly speaking, it is at least possible to indicate roughly how the expected refreshments will move. On the table, most likely, a moratorium on loans and mortgages will end, with at least the end of the year on the horizon. Eye also focused on the expiry of the repayment of the loans guaranteed by the state, as well as some extensions on the deadlines set (for example a new extension for the blocking of evictions). On the front of the houses, new refreshments will almost certainly be available for who owns rented dwellings and back with the revenue.

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Among the most anticipated measures, there will certainly be non-repayable contributions. A new support session will probably follow the protest of some categories of workers regarding the insignificance of the support provided, but not so much as an increase, but as an acceleration of revenues. However, precisely by virtue of the protests, a recalculation of the aid could be envisaged, adopting precisely the criterion of selectivity. In this way, the largest contributions will go to those who have suffered the most from the effects of the crisis. Among the categories, sports and catering workers.

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