Hair sun protection 2021: how to choose the right sunscreen

Never go out without one sun protection for hair. In contact with chlorine, sand, salt and UV rays, in fact, the hair needs a real protective shield to be able to keep beautiful and healthy.

That’s why, in addition to sunscreen, oryou need a hair protection in the sun. Maybe a light spray or a moisturizing oil. In fact, knowing your hair type in depth is essential for choosing the right hair sunscreen.

In fact, professional solar hair products do not know only protect the hair from UV rays, but also preserve the color. Or the lightening of a Vacation Bright blonde. Of course, the effect is different from that of solar 2021. The hair, in fact, is technically made up of dead cells and, therefore, the alterations that they can undergo are not a danger to health.

On the other hand, however, using a hair sunscreen represents a shield against aesthetic damage. In other words, in order not to have to run to the hairdresser in September for an emergency cut, you need the best sun products for hair.

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Hair sun protection: is it better to bring a spray or an oil to the sea?

How to choose between a protective spray and a sun oil for hair? Simply, based on your hair type. A hair oil, in fact, in addition to sun protection offers powerful hydration. And it is the perfect alternative for those looking for organic hair sunscreen. In fact, coconut, argan or almond oil can become a natural and 100% green sun protection for hair.

Conversely, a sun protective hair spray it is the solution that is not greasy and leaves the hair soft and hydrated. The formulations, then, respond to the needs of all hair, taking care of the color or creating hair sprays that protect the sea. Biodegradable and ecological, the formulas respect the sea and the lengths.

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To nourish the hair, then, you need milk or mousse textures. To be dedicated to hair in need of nourishment, these hair sunscreens are also suitable for keeping color and shine intact, even under the sun.

Hair sun protection: what happens to the hair under the sun?

The main purpose of sunscreens for hair is to keep them healthy and shiny, despite the sun’s rays, salt and wind are strong stress factors. What happens? The first consequence is a localized loss of keratin, followed by an increase in the distance between the cuticles. The result is porous, less soft and shiny hair. An immediately visible effect: without a protective hair spray, the sun makes the hair dull, rough and with numerous split ends.

Among the effects of unsuccessful hair protection at the sea, there is the degradation of pigments. In fact, melanin protects the lengths from free radicals generated by the sun and excessive exposure can cause photo-degradation. The result? Natural lightening, of course, but also a weakened hair.

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Use sea hair sprays and nourishing and natural oils, then, can prevent dehydration. Hair exposed to the sun, in fact, has a reduced ability to absorb and retain water. Being dry and brittle. A condition worsened by oxidative stress, which causes the stem to weaken. In this case, not even the best blow dry curler will help.

Discover the best in the gallery sun hair protectors to be used during summer 2021.


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