Novavax’s vaccine is 90 percent effective against coronavirus, the company says

US biotech company Novavax has announced that its experimental coronavirus vaccine is 90 percent effective in protecting against COVID-19. The result comes from phase 3 of clinical trials carried out in the United States and Mexico, in which a total of 29,960 volunteers participated.

Novavax also said the vaccine is 100 percent effective at protecting against variants of least concern and 93 percent against the main and most troubling coronavirus variants in circulation. Based on these results, the company said it intends to submit the vaccine to US and EU health authorities for authorization. The company said it expects to reach production of 100 million doses per month by the end of September and 150 million doses per month by December.

The Novavax vaccine uses a rather proven method already used in other vaccines, although not in those currently approved against the coronavirus: it mimics the behavior of the protein on the tips of the coronavirus outer envelope, which it uses to bind to the cells of our organism and inject its own genetic material into it to replicate. Thanks to the vaccine, the immune system can learn to fight the protein without coming into contact with the coronavirus itself. In the event of a subsequent infection, he can use his knowledge to prevent the virus from entering cells and doing damage.

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