New Inps bonus of 600 euros to be taken on the fly!

New Inps bonus of 600 euros to be taken on the fly!
New Inps bonus of 600 euros to be taken on the fly!

There is a week left until the Inps call for applications expires children aged between 3 and 14, as of June 30th for participation in summer camps in Italy. The new Inps bonus is 100 euros per week, for a maximum of 4 weeks spent in the same summer camp, even if the twenty days are not consecutive. The announcement was published on May 26 and the the application must be submitted by 18 June. For i disabled children, the share rises to 600 euros for the 4 weeks. To access, an application must be submitted, also because i places available are 3,000, of which 500 for the children they present severe handicap. To find out how to claim the summer camps bonus, keep reading the article.

New Inps bonus: who can apply

By 18 June, through the telematic procedure on the Inps website, it is possible to apply for the new Inps bonus for summer camps. You have to type in the search engine of the site the words: “Summer centers” and click on the relative performance sheet. In this way you have access to all the information and also to the application procedure.

The beneficiaries of this bonus are all children between the ages of 3 and 14 of employees or pensions of the Public Administration. Therefore, the bonus cannot be requested by everyone, but only by those who have or have had an employment relationship in a public administration. The announcement in fact recognizes the figure of the holder of the right. Who is it? As the announcement itself indicates, they are:

  • employee and pensioner of the Public Administration enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social services;
  • pretired user of Public Employee Management including holders of indirect or survivors’ pensions.

If these are the owners, i beneficiaries are their children. But only those over 3 years old but under 14 years old. Equal to children are also orphans, adopted children and foster children. In order for these children or young people to benefit from the INPS bonus, they must however be present in the INPS database.

Bonus INPS summer centers: requirements for applying

In order to submit the application, the first requirement is the presence of the beneficiary, the minor child as reported above, in the INPS database. If not, the holder of the right to the bonus must enroll the beneficiary in the “Access to Welfare Services” Program which allows the submission of the application in a simplified manner for all welfare benefits.

The holder of the right must have an employment contract with the public administration, or is a pensioner enrolled in the management of public employees.

Then there is the requirement of the ISEE. L’absence of ISEE allows you to participate in the call and receive the summer camp bonus. However, theamount that will be recognized will not be full, but all’80%. In practice, the maximum amount of the bonus for those who do not present the ISEE is 80 euros per week, increased by 50% in the case of disabled children. The higher the ISEE, the less it is recognized as a percentage.

Finally also i summer centres must have one be required in order to be counted among those to be able to enroll the child. These summer centers must comply with the anti-Covid safety protocols, the rules on hygiene, health, fire prevention, must be accessible to the disabled, must have premises with characteristics that guarantee activities even indoors.

Inps summer camps bonus: when it is incompatible

In order to submit an application for access to the 3,000 contributions made available, in addition to meeting the requirements set out in the announcement, it is also necessary to verify that not be assignees of other contributions. In particular, the Inps bonus for the 2021 summer camps is incompatible with the performance of the B.I went Summer INPS together in Italy 2021 and Summer INPS Together abroad and thematic holidays in Italy reserved for high school students 2021. The new INPS bonus is also incompatible with the use of the benefit, attributed to the student following participation in the competition INPSieme summer in Italy 2020 and Summer INPSieme abroad 2020, whose disbursement has been postponed due to a pandemic.

Bonus INPS summer centers: requirements for the disabled

The Inps call for the provision of 3,000 bonuses with a maximum value of 400 euros per child, recognizes the priority in the ranking for orphaned children and to those equated with orphans.

They follow 500 places destined until exhaustion a children who have some disabilities:

  • civil invalids of minor age
  • blind
  • deaf
  • with handicap

For each of these categories the level of disability is recognized as medium, severe and very serious.

For civil invalids it is average if the minor has persistent difficulties in carrying out the tasks and functions proper to their age. It is considered serious in the presence of the conditions provided for in Article 30 of Law 388/2000. While it is very serious in the presence of an accompanying allowance.

For those who have blindness or deafness, we refer respectively to partial or total blindness, and to pre-lingual deafness.

For forms of handicap, the serious one is recognized on the basis of article 3 paragraph 3 of law 104/1992.

For those who do not fall within the 500 places, despite having the above requirements, they will still be able to participate in the remaining bonuses based on the ranking calculated on the basis of the ISEE value.

Bonus INPS summer centers: the amount for disabled children

The recognition of the bonus for children, orphans and equals disabled increased by 50% compared to the amount of the INPS bonus recognized in the absence of disability. The increase is a support for the costs of dedicated assistance during the stay at the daytime summer center, if the box relating to the increase is correctly selected in practice.

What then is thebasic amount? The announcement establishes it in 100 euros maximum per week for four weeks. Where the week is 5 days. Therefore the bonus is recognized for a maximum of twenty days of summer camp even if not done consecutively. The only condition is to carry them out always at the same summer center. The bonus is actually equal to the weekly cost of the summer camp, but the maximum contribution recognized is 100 euros. If the weekly cost is lower, the cost actually incurred will be recognized, if higher, the amount is 100 euros plus 50 euros for disabled children. For them, therefore, a bonus of up to a total is due maximum of 600 euros. This amount however, is 100% recognized only if the ISEE does not exceed 8,000 euros. As the ISEE grows, the percentage decreases.

For a value ISEE between € 8,000.01 and € 24,000 the bonus will be 570 euros (equal to 90%). It drops to 540 euros equal to 90% for families with ISEE between 24,000.01 and 32 thousand euros. With an ISEE between 32,000.01 and 56 thousand euros instead the INPS bonus is equal to 510 euros (85% of the maximum bonus). In the absence of ISEE or ISEE greater than 56,000 euros, the bonus is 480 euros.

Inps bonus: how to apply

Obtaining the Inps bonus for summer camps is up question which must be completed by the applicant who can be:

  • the right holder as the beneficiary’s parent;
  • the spouse of the holder, in the event of a deceased holder and without the right to the survivor’s pension, as a “surviving parent” and the spouse of the holder who has lost parental responsibility, as a “requesting parent”;
  • the other parent, even if not married to the holder of the right, in the event of the latter’s death or in the case of the holder of the right no longer in parental responsibility;
  • the guardian of the child or orphan of the right holder.

Pre-requisite for applying is that the beneficiary is included in the “Access to Welfare services”.

The INPS informs the applicant of the outcome of the application by SMS to access the application area and check the outcome. The INPS by July 16, 2021, publishes the ranking of those admitted with reserve. In the event of a tie, the minority will prevail.

Bonus INPS summer centers: what expenses it reimburses and when

The reimbursement of expenses incurred (which include recreational and recreational activities, lunches, snacks, trips) for participation in summer camps will take place by December 2021. In order to obtain the bonus, the applicant, by 15 October, must be included in the online procedure for Summer Centers, ed to attach the document signed by the service provider of the summer camp certifying the participation of the beneficiary, the invoice or equivalent document certifying the cost incurred by the applicant on behalf of the beneficiary, communicate the IBAN in the name or joint name of the applicant on which the INPS will make the transfer of reimbursement.

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