Wayscral E-Quip 45, the new electric scooter from Norauto

Wayscral E-Quip 45, the new electric scooter from Norauto
Wayscral E-Quip 45, the new electric scooter from Norauto

Norauto, a company specialized in the sale and installation of accessories and spare parts for cars, has decided to expand its activities with the arrival of new solutions to promote the alternative and sustainable mobility. The new brand was born Wayscral dedicated to scooters, bicycles and electric scooters. And speaking of electric scooters, Norauto presented its new one Wayscral E-Quip 45.

It is a model designed for urban mobility and can be driven from the age of 14 with an AM license as it is equivalent to an endothermic scooter with a 50 cc engine. From a technical point of view, we find a Bosch brushless motor placed inside the hub, capable of delivering one power of 1.5 kW. To feed it, one 1.2 kWh battery which allows autonomy who is 40 km. The maximum speed is 45 km / h. The battery is located under the seat, is removable and can be brought into the home or office for recharging (about 5 hours). The weight of the electric scooter in running order is 93 kg.

Under the seat there is a compartment that allows you to contain a jet helmet or a second battery to extend the autonomy. The rims are 12 inches. The braking system consists of a 190 mm front and rear disc. Norauto also suggests an optimal behavior to keep to preserve the battery.

For optimal use over time, Norauto also recommends not leaving the battery charging all night and to maximize battery life, it suggests charging to 100% the first time and the following times. Battery life can be compromised in the event of prolonged inactivity without frequent recharging: to ensure correct operation, Norauto recommends charging the battery before prolonged inactivity and regularly every two months, always using the charger supplied and always keeping it clean. and dry the charging environment.

The electric scooter can be purchased at the Norauto Centers and on the norauto.it website at price of 1,999.95 euros. Jean-Luc Dony, CEO of Norauto Italia, commented:

The launch of this new product represents for us a confirmation of the path towards sustainability and environmental protection that we have undertaken for years. With our Mobility Labs we can continue to guarantee a high-level customer experience even in the field of sustainable and alternative mobility, because all our collaborators follow specific and dedicated training courses and these skills allow us to position ourselves as a reference point also in this new area of ​​mobility that represents the future.


Wayscral EQuip electric scooter Norauto

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