With this foolproof method, removing stubborn stains will be child’s play

There are some spots that just don’t want to leave. They stick into the material so deeply that not even the strongest detergent could remove them.

What to do in these cases? Do you throw away your dress or sweater? Could it have been our favorite too? Absolutely not! There are some very useful secrets about washing laundry that only experts know.

These secrets are not about magic potions or highly toxic cleaners, but they involve using very simple ingredients, which we all have at home. It sounds incredible, but the trick to getting clothes like new is easier than expected. Let’s see how, with this foolproof method, eliminating the most stubborn stains will be child’s play.

The most aggressive detergents sometimes prove ineffective

Who knows how many times, in the supermarket, it has happened to look for a specific detergent because the advertising had indicated it as a miracle for washing clothes. The reality is that advertisements often insist on the characteristics of a given product because their only goal is to sell.

There are, however, much more effective and natural methods, which do not involve any type of chemical product. But obviously the ads don’t mention it.

There is a much simpler method

Let’s imagine we have just taken a run. Our shirt is now soaked with sweat and sadly, you know, this is one of the worst stains there can be.

It creates unsightly streaks under the armpits and impregnates clothes with a more or less acrid smell, depending on the luck of the runner in question.

In these cases, people try everything to get rid of these ugly spots, but the results often turn out to be disappointing. The only effect, most of the time, is seeing your colored shirt turn white under your armpits.

And here we provide a method to solve this problem. Just an onion will suffice. That’s right.

The power of this product

The onion penetrates the tissues but does not damage them. It will be necessary to take a raw onion and cut it. At this point we pass the onion on the stain and leave it to soak in a basin with cold water.

After half an hour, the garment will be ready to be washed in the washing machine. It’s all there, really very simple. Moreover, the onion has antibacterial properties, useful for sanitizing the garments.

And this time too, the most natural systems turn out to be the most effective and successful. In short, with this foolproof method eliminating the most stubborn stains will be child’s play.

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