Do I need a green pass for holidays in Italy?

Do I need a green pass for holidays in Italy?
Do I need a green pass for holidays in Italy?

It’s summer vacation time. The doubt these days is: to leave you need the green pass?

The Italians have wasted no time and already since May many seaside and mountain resorts have declared sold out tourist, i.e. they have all seats booked for the summer months. 84% of Italians have chosen to remain in Italy and the merit, or blame, also falls on the uncertainty of the green pass and the coronavirus trend in other countries.

An Italian summer, under the banner of the sea and villages then, but are there any limits to cross the regions? According to the provisions of the control room on the containment measures of Covid there is no need to further limit the population on national soil. However, the Regions can independently choose how to regulate the entrances, as in the case of Sardinia.

The green pass, obtained by respecting some precise indications, will mainly be used to move from Italy to abroad, in countries where there are no restrictions. Even in Italy, however, in certain circumstances, the presentation of the green pass will be required as a green light to enter and move in certain Regions. Let’s see where and why.

Green pass: holidays in Italy, when not needed

From April 26, Italy has returned to breathe thanks to a series of rediscovered freedoms, among which we find it movement between Regions.

From April to June, the vaccination campaign achieved good results on the limitation of the infection and on hospitalizations, so much so that Italy is almost totally white. From tomorrow, Monday 14 June, 40.9 million people will be in the white zone, 69% of the population.

Among these, many have decided to leave in June. According to data from Coldiretti 3.9 million Italians will be on vacation in the first month of summer.

84% of Italians, writes Adnkronos, have chosen Italy as their holiday destination. To move around Italy, among low-risk regions, which fall within the yellow and white colors, the green pass will not be needed. It will be possible to move freely in and out of the Regions, even more than once and not only to reach second homes.

Green pass: holidays in Italy, when needed

Can we say that summer is safe? Maybe it’s a little early.

In fact, in the event of a change in the color of the Regions (orange zone and red zone), some restrictions will apply, including the test of “immunity” to the coronavirus which is certified by the green pass.

For now, only one Region requires the green pass to enter: Sardinia. On arrival on the island, travelers must register on the site “Safe Sardinia“And acquire green pass.

But what is the green pass, how does it work and how to travel with children? To simplify a lot, to get the green pass you need to prove your negativity to the virus. It can be achieved in three ways, let’s see which ones:

  • when you have been vaccinated (at least 15 days after the first dose)
  • when recovered from Covid
  • when testing negative for a swab within 48 to 72 hours, depending on the type of swab.

To travel abroad, on European territory, theI Digital Covid Certificate. The European certificate will replace the current green pass, allowing, thanks to the vaccination, recovery from Covid-19, or a negative test to move freely from one country to another, without having to wait for the days of quarantine.

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