Aiways U5, the first Chinese electric SUV is ready for its debut in Italy

Aiways U5, the first Chinese electric SUV is ready for its debut in Italy
Aiways U5, the first Chinese electric SUV is ready for its debut in Italy

Is called Aiways U5 and it will be one of the very first Chinese-made electric SUVs to land in Italy thanks to the KGen project in Koellier. Elegant and light crossover, but with high performance, the made in China model has already made its “debut” at MIMO 2021, the Milan Monza Motor Show 2021 organized in the streets of the center of the Lombard capital between 10 and 13 June .

4.6 meters long, the compact is a product of start up born in Shanghai in 2017 and based in Munich, which has set itself the goal of successfully addressing the challenges for the mobility of the future. The name of the brand comes from the crasis of two elements: “AI”, which indicates Artificial Intelligence, and “WAYS” for road travel.

The first model chosen for its debut on the Italian market boasts over 410 km of autonomy on the WLTP cycle, a guaranteed mileage thanks to 63 and 72 kWh batteries supplied by CATL capable of recharging in 30 minutes thanks to the fast recharge. A low cost product ready to revolutionize the market capable of fully satisfying the needs of drivers and passengers, Aiways U5 will be available in two trim levels, Standard and Premium, which make driving pleasure and fun behind the wheel the extra weapon.

The compact Asian can count on one power output equal to 190 hp and 315 Nm of torque which gives it acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just seven seconds with one top speed of 160 km / h. The hybrid aluminum / steel frame then allows you to reduce weight and fuel consumption, thereby improving performance.

From a first look at MIMO 2021, U5 is an SUV that captivates the eye for its particular design. The irregular headlights at the front, which make up a single complex together with the air intakes, give the vehicle of the Chinese house a futuristic touch. The headlight assembly also dominates the rear of the crossover. Despite the average size (over four meters long by 1.70 in height and 1.86 in width), Aiways U5 has aexcellent habitability and a very large trunk, which touches 1,543 liters by folding down the rear seats.

Aiways U5 “debuted” in Italy at MIMO 2021, organized between 10 and 13 June in Milan

From the family of Chinese electric cars that aim to “unseat” Tesla, Aiways SUV can also count on ADAS and L2 + autonomous driving, remote control app, three driving modes and as many levels of regenerative braking. Particular attention was also paid to the interior, with seats covered in leather and four screens, three of which are located behind the steering wheel to provide driving information to the driver and another is positioned in the center of the dashboard for infotainment.

Already on sale in five European countries at the Koelliker Group dealership network, the arrival of the crossover in Italy is set by the end of 2021. Since its debut in May 2020 in Europe, the Chinese start-up has garnered over 2,500 sales of the model, which will soon be followed by the sportier Aiways U6 SUV.

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