rules and differences with yellow zone

rules and differences with yellow zone
rules and differences with yellow zone

What are the rules in the white zone and the differences with the yellow? 12 regions and 1 autonomous province are currently in the white band, and by the end of June all of Italy should turn white.

From curfew to masks, from the number of people at the table in the restaurant to weddings to discos, that’s it what can be done in the white area and what reopens.

White Zone Rules

The white area is the lowest risk band, where the regions with an incidence of infections are located under 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants for 3 weeks straight.

In the white area there is no curfew, but the following remain standing rules:

  • mandatory use of the mask
  • obligation of interpersonal distancing
  • ban on gathering
  • sanitation and ventilation of closed places
  • hand sanitation
  • compliance with the guidelines for the reopening of activities

What can be done in the white zone

Those who live in a white region can go out in the evening without having to return home within the curfew time (24-5 until 20 June).

Allowed to go to the home of relatives and friends without the limit of 4 people who can move; you can go to eat in the restaurant 6 at the table if indoors (derogation in the case of 2 families) and as many as you want outdoors, as long as a distance of at least 1 meter is maintained between one table and another.

The regions that enter the white zone can anticipate a series of reopening with respect to the road map imposed by the decree-law of 18 May (the so-called Reopening-bis).

Here it is what reopens in the white area:

  • theme parks and amusement parks, adventure parks, traveling show activities and family entertainment centers;
  • swimming pool and indoor swimming centers
  • spas and spas
  • private parties also consequent to civil or religious ceremonies outdoors and indoors
  • exhibitions, festivals, conferences and congresses
  • sport events open to the public that take place indoors
  • game rooms and betting, bingo halls and casinos
  • cultural centers, community centers and recreation centers
  • training courses
  • discos, but only for bar and restaurant service (no dance on the dance floor)

Now let’s see in detail with which rules in the white zone these activities can be divided.


In the white zone, the curfew can disappear. The regional presidents reiterated the “overcoming of the hourly limitations to circulation and activities”, without prejudice to compliance with the obligations on the use of masks and the “distancing to avoid gatherings”.


As regards the rules for restaurants in the white zone, customers must wear the mask whenever they are not seated at the table, while the staff must always wear it.

In the white zone, consumption at the table in indoor areas is allowed with a maximum of 6 people per table, unless they are all cohabiting. Outdoors, the limit on the number of people sitting at the same table falls.

According to the guidelines, reservations should be compulsory or strongly recommended. Open activities must comply with protocols or guidelines suitable for preventing or reducing the risk of contagion in the reference sector or in similar areas. Among these measures is the maintaining interpersonal distancing, cleaning and environmental hygiene at least twice a day and according to the opening hours and the guarantee of adequate natural ventilation and air exchange. It is also mandatory to display a sign indicating the maximum number of people which can be present at the same time inside the premises. Where possible, identify different routes for entry and exit.


In the white area, wedding receptions and banquets and other ceremonies can be held before June 15 both indoors and outdoors, but in compliance with a series of rules, including the obligation to allow participation only to those in possession of one of the requirements for the green pass, i.e. vaccine, negative swab, or certificate of cure.

Swimming pools and gyms

Even in the white area, the ban on using showers in gyms, wellness centers and swimming pool, but in the latter the changing rooms can be used.


As for the ski lifts in the resorts and in the ski areas for tourist use, the rules remain the same in the white and yellow zone: the maximum hourly capacity allowed in the cableways (gondola lifts, cable cars, chair lifts, ski lifts or ski lifts) is 30%.


The dance halls and discos in the white zone can reopen, but without the possibility of dancing on the dance floor (only bar and restaurant service authorized). The Government is working for the effective reopening of the discos from 1 July.

Differences white zone and yellow zone

In the white zone, the restrictive measures envisaged for the yellow zone are not applied, but the obligation to wear the mask in public places outdoors and indoors, to maintain interpersonal distances, the prohibition of gathering and the hygiene and sanitary regulations remain. regarding the sanitation and ventilation of indoor seats.

The main difference between white and yellow zone concerns the curfew. In the white zone there are no restrictions for displacements, while in the yellow zone these are allowed between 5 and 24 from 7 June. Those who leave during curfew time in the yellow zone must justify the move with self-certification.

Furthermore, unlike the white zone, the limit of remains in the yellow zone 4 people at the table at the restaurant, both inside and out.

Those who are in the white zone are allowed to visit relatives or friends, remaining within the same zone, with no time limits or in the number of people that move. You can visit friends and relatives in a maximum of 4 people, between 5 and 24, if you move to places in the yellow zone.

In the yellow zone, discos and dance halls and similar venues remain closed, while theme and amusement parks, indoor swimming pools, spas, congresses and conferences they reopen on July 1st in compliance with the protocols and guidelines of the sector, while they reopen in the regions as soon as they are in the white zone.

When the white area clicks

The decree-law of 18 May 2021 (the so-called reopening decree-bis) established new criteria with which the colors of the regions are defined.

If before to access the white zone a Region or Autonomous Province had to have a Rt less than 1 and an incidence of no more than 50 Covid cases per 100 thousand inhabitants for 3 weeks, now it is enough to have only the latter.

According to the new legislation, in fact, the Rt index has lost the central role it had before, and more weight has been given to the incidence and rate of hospitalization.

Basically, a Region becomes white only if it meets this requirement: weekly incidence of less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants registered for 3 consecutive weeks.

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