Astrazeneca, Locatelli (Cts): “Recommended only for over 60s. Different reminder for those under age”. Hope: “Indications will be peremptory”

“The CTS recommended for the first doses of vaccinations to reserve the doses of Astrazeneca for those who have an age equal to or greater than 60 years. While for the under 60s despite the absence of worrying warning signs, the recommendation is for heterologous vaccination“. The coordinator of the CTS said so Franco Locatelli at the press conference to update the vaccination campaign. “In this changed epidemiological context the CTS, in close dialogue with Aifa and the other health institutions in the country, considered it appropriate to re-evaluate the indications for the use of the Astrazeneca vaccine because, having changed the scenario, the relationship between benefits and potential risks associated with rare thrombosis changes according to age but also of the changed scenario ”, added Locatelli

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