16 thousand hectares of agricultural land for sale. The Ismea call for young people

16 thousand hectares of agricultural land for sale. The Ismea call for young people
16 thousand hectares of agricultural land for sale. The Ismea call for young people

The National Bank of Agricultural Lands (Ismea) opens on fourth auction notice to put agricultural land back into circulation resulting from unsuccessful land operations, so that they find new owners able to make them flourish.

It is about beyond 16 thousand hectares of land, 624 farms for an expected minimum total value of 255 million euros, which are made available to anyone who wants to apply, with concessions for agricultural entrepreneurs under 41, who are granted the opportunity to pay the price of the land in installments for a maximum of 30 years.

Ismea, the dates of the announcement of the National Bank of Agricultural Lands

From 9 June to 7 September it will be possible to send manifestations of interest for the purchase of one or more land that are mainly located in the southern regions, with Sicily, Basilicata and Puglia alone covering more than half of the available surfaces. Central Italy follows, represented in particular by Tuscany, with a 17% share, while the remaining 9% is distributed between Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria. Here you can see all the plots at auction.

Ismea, to whom the announcement is addressed

The initiative tends to favor the entry of young people into the primary sector through some facilities. Young agricultural entrepreneurs under 41 are given the opportunity to pay the price of the land (up to 100% of the auction-based value) in installments, with half-yearly or annual installments, for a maximum period of 30 years.

Ismea, the list of agricultural land at auction

Ismea has published the map of the 386 lots to be sold to young people with the possibility of subsidized financing. Let’s see what the 2021 agricultural lands are auctioned and where they are:

  • Abruzzo (for an area of ​​125);
  • Basilicata (for an area of ​​2,139);
  • Calabria (for an area of ​​574);
  • Campania (for an area of ​​137);
  • Emilia Romagna (for an area of ​​697);
  • Lazio (for an area of ​​422);
  • Liguria (for an area of ​​14);
  • Lombardy (for an area of ​​55);
  • Marche (for an area of ​​77);
  • Molise (for an area of ​​89);
  • Piedmont (for an area of ​​64);
  • Puglia (for an area of ​​926);
  • Sardinia (for an area of ​​645);
  • Sicily (for an area of ​​2,203);
  • Tuscany (for an area of ​​760);
  • Umbria (for an area of ​​990);
  • Veneto (for an area of ​​108).

Of the 624 plots on sale since June 9, 335 are on the first sale attempt, 93 on the second attempt, 115 on the third and 81 on the fourth. Since its establishment in July 2016 to date, the National Bank of Agricultural Lands has put 530 land for sale for a total of 15,478 hectares. Of these 8,345 hectares were awarded, allowing the recovery of 84 million euros.

Ismea, the auction procedure: how it works

To access the sale procedure of this fourth edition of the national bank of agricultural lands, go through an electronic counter on the Ismea website. After sending the expression of interest, you can participate in the sale procedure by submitting your own economic offer. The sales procedure introduces some relevant innovations:

  • increase in the total number of sales attempts from three to four;
  • the possibility, for the land at the fourth auction, to present free offers both up and down compared to the auction base value, with a minimum value below which the sale cannot take place fixed at 35% of the auction base value. Therefore, the successful bidder will be the competitor who has offered the higher price than the minimum value; on the other hand, the 25% drop in the basic auction price remains confirmed for the land on the second and third attempts;
  • the terms for the presentation of the expression of interest are extended, from 60 to 90 days.

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